JStation FAQ

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a result of several hams trying to get JStation up and running, and hilights some of the problems that people have had.

Problem Possible Answer
When I try to extract the zip archive files, I get warnings about duplicate file names. Make sure the version of the program you use to unzip the files maintains long file names and does not ry to shorten them to the old DOS 8.3 format.
I have copied the required DLL's to the Windows\System directory, but when I start JStation, it says it cannot find SerialImpl.DLL (and/or KCT.DLL). What did you use to copy the files? Make sure the long file name and the upper/lower case in the names is correct. It is important to maintain these.
When I try to run JStation, I get an error saying it cannot find n6lyt.jstation.JStation.class. Check that you have changed the jstation.bat file correctly to reflect the path names that you used to install the software and the JDK. Also make sure of the spelling and upper/lower case of n6lyt.jstation.JStation.
I downloaded the JRE rather than the JDK, and it complains that it cannot find java when I try to run jstation. The JRE use jre rather than java for the executable. Change java to jre in the batch file.
I downloaded the JRE rather than the JDK, and it complains that it cannot find java/lang/Thread. In the JRE, the system classes are called rt.jar rather than classes.zip.
I have JStation running, but the tracking does not match the tracking I get from my other tracking software. Check your Longitude/Latitude in jstation.props. The Longitude setting should be positive for West of Greenwich. This is the opposite of most of the popular software that is out there ;-(.

Also check that you timezone is correct, and that JStation is displaying the correct UTC time.

If you have anything to add to this list, please send me an email