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Geoff Howard W0CG

Uli Thielke DL8OBQ
First licensed in 1963 at age 13 in Wheeling, West Virginia, as WN8KUW. College, military service, and many family moves netted other calls: WA3ILB, then WA1LHC. I selected W0CG in 1976 while living in Kansas in the Air Force. During a period living on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands in 2000, I was assigned KP2F.
I retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserve as a Colonel (Civil Engineering) in 2002, and from my "day job" in 2004 as Professor of Information Systems, Graduate School of Management, Kent State University. I also spent about 15 years in industry and government as an EE and systems analyst, with employers including the FAA, Allegheny Ludlum Steel, the RCA Aerospace Systems Division, and an administrative position at Youngstown State University.
I hold the callsign PJ2DX, am a legal resident of Curacao, and spend as much time as possible living in down there in the tropics, where it is 85 degrees and sunny 365 days a year.
Uli was first licensed 1984. He's a software engineer and travels around the world for his job and hobby. In Germany he has build the contest station DA2C together with his friend DK3DM.
Uli has been to 3D2, 9M6, CT3, EX, J3, J7, OJ0, T2, V2, ZA mostly for contests. He is member of the CCC since 2013 and had visit PJ2T 6 times.

2018 Team Leaders


Jim Storms AB8YK

Ron Doyle N8VAR - Co-Team Lead
Jim is a retired IT professional and is a member of Dayton Amateur Radio Association, the Huber Height Amateur Radio Club VE team and 2014-2015 President of Southwest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA). Jim is a frequent member of the TI5N CQWW contest team and supports the YXDA website. He enjoys contesting, participating in field Day, Ohio QSO Party, CQWW WPX along with other QSO contests, assisting in public service events and DXing.  Jim has been co-leader on most of the Youth DX Adventures and leader of last year's trip.

Jim also participates in Boy Scout activities including the Radio Merit Badge.  He was also a member of the 2010 BSA National Jamboree K2BSA team.
Ron is a retired Database Guru and a member of Dayton Amateur Radio Association and the Huber Heights Amateur Radio Club VE team.  He has served for many years as the Committee Chair of BSA Troop 390 in Huber Heights.  During his BSA time Ron has been a radio merit badge counselor.  This year he is on the K2BSA staff for the National Jamboree.

2018 Team

Dhruv Rebba, KC9ZJX
Hari Rebba, VU2SPZ


Mason Matrazzo, KM4SII
Brett Matrazzo

David Samu, VE7DZO
Stefan Samu, VE7KY