The 2017 trip is in negotiations.

Win a station essay contest for youth

The entry period has expired and the judges are reviewing the entries to determine the winner.

The Dave Kalter Youth DX Adventure (YDXA) announced an exciting contest for young amateurs.  Due to the generosity of the 2016 raffle winner Paul Ewing N6PSE and the co-founders of the YDXA, one amateur radio station is being awarded to the winner of an essay contest.  
The prize:  Alinco SR8T radio, Jetstream 12 Volt 30amp power supply (or equivalent), Jetstream JTV 680 no radial vertical antenna (or equivalent), 100 ft of coax antenna line with PL259 connections.
Eligibility: Limited to 12-18 year old Technician class or above US licensed amateurs residing in the 48 contiguous United States.  (due to export rules for the equipment and shipping costs).  Additional rules apply. 

Rules and an entry form may be downloaded by clicking here:  Rules and Entry form  (contest closed...Judges have the entries and are examining them)

Team Photo             The team is QRT!  Thanks for the pileups!

*** Stay tuned for a special youth contest announcement ***

Almost all of the QSL Cards have been processed!!!!  There are a few busted calls to reconcile.
New cards arrive daily and are processed as quick as possible.
Some Satellite contacts have not been processed as yet.

"Confirmed World Distance Record SO50 5,168.753km satellite QSO"

4,214 qso's, 104 countries, 50 states

6 continents, 26 CQ Zones.

*Does not include satellite 

Our apologies to Asia and Japan as we only had vertical and OCF wire antennas so we could not turn the beam and contacts were few and difficult.  Also there was this big mountain between us.  We will take this under advisement for our next adventure and try to include all areas if possible.

You may still check your qso(s) in clublog.

See QRZ.COM for QSL information. *Satellite has not been uploaded.

Operator Leader Board:

 KM4LAO - Ruth              1,599    38%
 AE4FH - Faith Hannah        837    20%
KD8ZLK - Morgan              738    18%
N6JRL - Don                       331     8%

PJ6Y - unknown op            203     5%

KM4TVU - Sharon             142     3%
KD8YPY - Joe                    101     2%
WX4TV - James                   98     2%
AB8YK - Jim                       90     2%
NM1Y - Jeff                        79     2%

                       Contact stats:
  Band       CW   Phone     Dig   Total       %
   ----           --      -----        ---     -----       ---
   80             0          9           0         9         0
   40             1      678           0     679       16
   30         256          0           0     256         6
   20         160    2,411          0   2,571       61
   17             0       675          0      675       16
   15             1           8          0          9         0
   12             0           1          0          1         0
   10             0           1          0          1         0
    6              0         15          0        15         0
    2              0           1          0          1         0
                   --       -----        ---     -----       ---
 Total       418    3,799       0      4,217     100

Band conditions are horrible as you can see by the propagation sites.  10-15 non-existent and 17 light.  Money bands are 20 and 40 right now.  Have been doing a mix of voice and cw.  We hdid satellite communications whenever there has been a pass.


NY2RFNY2RF Congrats

Check our log, period updates made: 

Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure

KB8OCP (SK)     

KB8OCP (SK) 11/18/13

Dave Kalter KB8OCP is a long time friend of Don DuBon N6JRL and fellow contester and DXer. Dave has been on the CQWW SSB contest team at TI5N since 2008. Dave is also a founder of the YDXA (Youth DX Adventure) an organization that sends young hams age 12-17 with a parent to Costa Rica during the summer to operate as DX. Dave is the past vice president of the Southwest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA) and an active member in DARA and Hamvention. Dave likes RTTY and PSK and CW we have seen him maintain a rate of 275 Qs per hour in the CQWW SSB contest. An inspiration to all hams of all ages. Dave became a silent key on November 18th 2013 at his home with his family at his side. Dave is survived by his brother Michael W8CI, former General Chairman of the Dayton Hamvention and past president of DARA Dave is also survived by his father Jack ,sister Patty and his beloved soul mate Lynn. (Picture at TI5N in Costa Rica Oct. 2012 working the CQWWSSB contest) Photo by N6JRL


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2016 trip is QRT!

We were granted the call sign PJ6Y for this operation!
As in Poppa-Japan-Six-Youth. 
All technician and general class members of the team have been granted rights under control op supervision!

  SABA Island was our destination from August 2-9, 2016.
Our host was Jeff Jolie NM1Y or PJ6/NM1Y(Thanks Jeff)


House Front

Main Entrance


The Shack


Lounging Area

Alternate Lounge

Alternate Lounging Area

Main housed bedroom

Night time lounging area.  Guest house bedroom.

Food prep

Food preparation and kitchen.

Guest House

Guest House with outside shower.


And the ocean is nearby to serve as a salt water ground plain.  It is pretty also.