Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure

Now planning 2016 trip!

We tried for 2015 but experienced scheduling difficulties.  There are two possible sites for 2016 so hopefully we can make it happen!
Trying for applications to open up in January.  You can still support us by purchasing radio raffle tickets. 
We still have a few to go before drawing.


Alinco DX-SR8
2015 Raffle - Alinco DX-SR8 10M-160M HF some tickets still to go! 

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2014 tri p is now QRT.  The QSL cards have arrived. 
Each team member is sending out their own QSLs

2014 Curacao

  Thanks for a great event. 
Final log file of 4,500 contacts.  All 50 states, 103 Countries, 6 Continents, 31 CQ zones, 762 USA Counties, 38 ITU zones
Rachael's individual 3 year standing record of 633 has been shattered by Mitchell!

KD8JRS -  1,264  47 States, 6 Continents, 26 CQ Zones
KD8TEH - 1,010  46 States, 6 Continents, 22 CQ Zones
KD8IXQ -     683  38 States, 6 Continents, 17 CQ Zones
KD8SJK -     349  38 States, 6 Continents, 20 CQ Zones
N6JRL -        346  36 States, 5 Continents, 16 CQ Zones
DL8OBQ -    302  32 States, 5 Continents, 18 CQ Zones
AB8YK - 285  * made first contact  42 States, 5 Continents, 18 CQ Zones
KD8SHF -     153  27 States, 5 Continents, 12 CQ Zones
KB8STB -       93  23 States, 5 Continents, 12 CQ Zones

10        68   19 States, 2 Continents, 5 CQ Zones
  15   1,380   44 States, 6 Continents, 22 CQ Zones
  17   1,258   39 States, 6 Continents, 23 CQ Zones
  20   1,481   47 States, 5 Continents, 25 CQ Zones
30        36   17 States, 2 Continents, 4 CQ Zones
  40      274  31 States, 3 Continents, 13 CQ Zones
80          3    1 State, 1 Continent, 2 CQ Zones  

Log in PDF format
Log in Excel format
Remember to QSL the home call, QRZ information correct.

                  CuracaoCarribean Contesting Consortium

Thanks to the generosity of Geoff Howard W0CG and the Caribbean Contesting Consortium the 2014 trip was to the super contest station PJ2T Curacao.

All operators signed with PJ2/(home call) and handled their own QSL cards.  This trip was downsized to familiarize with the new station and area.  The first Adventure to TI5N Costa Rica in July 2010 was a resounding success. Young operators participated in an adventure of traveling to a DX location and for 4 days and being the DX. During their stay they made over 3300 contacts worldwide including 88 countries and all of the 50 states. Additionally they were subjected to the local culture with sightseeing and trying the local cuisine as well as being entertained by a local Marimba Band.  The 2012 team set a new record of 3,789 QSO's and three operators beat the previous single operator QSO record.  The 2014 team continued to set new records with 4,500 contacts.  Mitchell blew throught the old individual record.

With the purpose of operating DX and learning the finer points of handling pile ups, working gray line and propagation and antennas,  they were schooled by top DXer and contester and holder of many  awards, Carlos(Keko) Diez TI5KD,  who is also the owner of TI5N.  Unfortunately Keko suffered a stroke and is no longer able to accommodate us.  We continue to school the kids with DX training via experienced team leaders and support personnel.

The experience is interesting and exciting for all of the youth operators as this is the first time many of them actually travel outside of the United States.

KB8OCP (SK)     KB8OCP (SK) 11/18/13

Dave Kalter KB8OCP is a long time friend of Don DuBon N6JRL and fellow contester and DXer. Dave has been on the CQWW SSB contest team at TI5N since 2008. Dave is also a founder of the YDXA (Youth DX Adventure) an organization that sends young hams age 12-17 with a parent to Costa Rica during the summer to operate as DX. Dave is the past vice president of the Southwest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA) and an active member in DARA and Hamvention. Dave likes RTTY and PSK and CW we have seen him maintain a rate of 275 Qs per hour in the CQWW SSB contest. An inspiration to all hams of all ages. Dave became a silent key on November 18th 2013 at his home with his family at his side. Dave is survived by his brother Michael W8CI, former General Chairman of the Dayton Hamvention and past president of DARA Dave is also survived by his father Jack ,sister Patty and his beloved soul mate Lynn. (Picture at TI5N in Costa Rica Oct. 2012 working the CQWWSSB contest) Photo by N6JRL