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This website is designed to encourage everyone, in the knowledge of Amateur Radio and all it has to offer. Please feel free to browse around and learn some things about the hobby. If you like this site please leave a comment in my guestbook by pressing the link at the bottom of this page.


Now a little bit about me:
I have been in Amateur Radio since June of 1976. I started out as a Technician and received my first licence in november of 76. In January of 1977 I upgraded to General class and presently hold this Class of licence. I went down to the FCC office in downtown San Diego in June of 76 to take the Novice exam. I passed it, and then was asked if  I was intrested in taking  the Technician's written exam, so I did and passed. I was then asked if  I wanted to take the cw portion for the General exam but I missed passing it by 4 letters per minute. My very first licence I received came with the call sign of (WB6VSL) and I held that call until Feb 6 2016. I requested a vanity call of (N6CQW). This was done to honor a very close friend that I have known back when we experamented with Radio Shack TRS-80's. He helped me in learning how to program in basic and to use DOS. We both enrolled in a night class to learn how to program in Pascal and CPM. I remember when he first got into amateur radio where he became a Technician. I can never thank him enough for the things he tought me. (Thank You Roger).


After I graduated from High School I enlisted in the Marine Corp and served from February 4,1971 to Feb 5,1974 even though never serving in Viet Nam. After being out for a year and a half I enlisted in the US Navy from June 26,1976 thru June 27,1978 on board the USS Anchorage (LSD-36) as an IC-man.


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I would like to thank Mike WA1REQ for his help and input on improving the looks of this site. Also a big Thank you to Paul G0HWC for the page design. I learned a lot about HTML from his sample pages.

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I'm glad you stopped by to take a look please come again! And 73's


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