Here are Items Wanted and For Sale. To post a sale or want, please submit an email to N5PIP with all of the pertinent information. Please limit any postings to VHF/UHF gear only. (I'm NOT trying to compete with eBay or The Virtual Hamfest, just adding an additional service for us VHF/UHF folks).This service is FREE to all. When your item sells or your want is fulfilled, please email to N5PIP so that the posting can be removed. Postings over 30 days will be automatically removed unless you request that they remain posted .Thanks, Stirling N5PIP

A little bleak (as of 11/28/99). Due to family obligations, I, unfortunately, wasn't able to keep the pages current.

Please feel free to submit a posting now, and I will see to it that the page is kept current.

Thanks, Stirling, N5PIP  


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