"To minimize feedline losses, keep the coax run short…."

My Station


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My VHF/UHF rig is the Yaesu FT 736R with 2, 220, 432, and 1.2G bands.

 25 watts on 2m driving a Mirage B2516G amp to 160 w

 25 watts on 222 driving a Mirage C2512G amp to 120w

 25 watts on 432

 10 watts on 1.2G

The antennas

 2 Cushcraft 4218XL Boomer on 2

  2 PAR Electronics Omniangle OA-144 also on 2

 Cushcraft 10 Element Yagi on 220

 Cushcraft 729 Yagi on 432

The Shack


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