The classic "first radio kit" is back better than ever! We've combined the very same audio output circuit of Ten-Tec transceivers with a modern FET design for classic regenerative SWL receiving plus one-button electronic band switching.

T-kit Model no. 1253 9 Band Shortwave Receiver Kit.......... $69.00

The result is an easy-to-build shortwave radio that's fun and interesting for the whole family. No alignment required! Simply install all parts as directed, put together the high quality mechanical parts and start enjoying the magic of shortwave radio. Explore 9 smooth tuning SWL and ham bands from 1.8 to 22 MHz at the push of a button! Receives AM,SSB,CW and all those other shortwave sounds.


  • Front paneel enclosure.
  • Simple, clear
  • l RF gain, Volume, Regeneration, Tuning and Fine Tuning controls.
  • Generous audio from Signetics TDA2611A audio amp.
  • Built in speaker and stereo phone jack.
  • Electronic switching of 9 tuning ranges.
  • Rugged, rounded clamshell ste
  • linear logging scale for large tuning knob.
  • requires 8 alkaline C cells or external 12V DC power source.