The TEN-TEC Model SP-325 GENERAL COVERAGE RECEIVER was made specifically for the U.S. Navy and mine is in excellent condition. Frequency range is from 500 KHz to 29.999 MHz and features DIRECT (keypad) FREQUENCY ENTRY as well as knob tuning. It has 3 BANDWIDTH positions: 6 KHz; 2.8 KHz; and 500 Hz for CW. This receiver has DUAL CONVERSION and was manufactured in the USA by TEN-TEC corporation.

The SP-325 features: 64 Memory Locations; Scratch Pad Memory; AM, USB, CW, LSB, and FSK Modes; Memory Scan; Memory Tune; Vacuum Florescent Display; and switchable AGC. Variable Rate Scanning is also possible between two specified frequencies. It also has: Temperature Controlled Crystal Ovens for frequency stability; a 45 MHz IF; and a 4-Pole Monolithic IF Filter. This receiver is also capable of SCAN-BY-MODE, which will scan memories based on mode selected.