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Collins 637T-1:


Small Wonder Labs' DSW-40


I own K2 #00057 : the Elecraft 160-10M 10W CW/SSB transceiver (kit). I was one of the original 100 Field Testers. But I also have several other QRP rigs. That is one of the nice things about QRP... there are lots of interesting and capable kit transceivers available, for not a lot of money.

At about $90 for the basic pc board and parts, and another $35 for the cabinet, Small Wonder Labs' DSW-40 is incredible. And that striking blue cabinet with engraved front and rear panel legends makes the cabinet practically a necessity!

Lastly, Dave personally takes care of his customers. You ask him a question, you'll get an answer-often within an hour or two. Go for it... it's well worth it!!!

The Ten Tec ARGONAUT II was the first really great QRP transceiver. I know there are those who had / have Argonaut 509s and 515s who would argue with me about that. But there is simply no comparing the specifications, quality, or caliber of any preceding Ten Tec to the ARGO II. Those who have owned or used one will surely agree with that statement. I intend to add the specs and performance figures to this section later. For now, take a look at mine, bought new way back-when. Click on photo for full-size.

The Kantronics Rockhound is a simple crystal-controlled QRP 2W transmitter for 80M or 40M manufactured in the 1980s. It used a 74C04 CMOS inverter as an oscillator-amplifier, and a VN46AF Power MOSFET as a final. Weight was 6oz. and size was: 3.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches.



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