My Photos

At Jay B. Starkey Preserve November 2002 using the Majik Antenna on my FT-817.
I just finished QSO's with K9IAC John in Milwaukee and
Gene-KB2BBR/ NJ2BB on the USS New Jersey Battleship Museum in New Jersey.

Field Day 2006 Fort De Soto Park.

This is my Rav-4 Mobile Radio Communications Vehicle (R4MRCV). The setup included my portable power station plus an extra marine battery in parallel, a laptop computer, Kenwood TS-570D (CW Rig), Yeasu FT-857, and FT8800R. The antenna was my 40 foot pushup pole supported on the ground a few feet away.

With the back seats taken out I used two poly seats with shortened legs. They were comfortable to sit in and I could even have company to assist in logging. The batteries by themselves supplying juice to the laptop and running 100 watts of CW lasted about 6 hours. I will be installing a battery isolation system in the vehicle. This battery isolation system will give one more marine battery to run off of. When the vehicle is running it will be charging the batteries and provide AC cooling for me. Operation time should not be a problem next time out.

I also need to have a backup G5RV antenna available or some wire anyway, maybe a pair of phased verticals for 40 meters. The TS-570D was hooked to the 36 foot push-up pole. The FT-857D was hooked to the 102 inch whip on the back door and tuned with the FC-40 tuner. The FT-8800R was using the dual band mag mounted antenna.

I learned plenty and had lots of fun.

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