Ever since I got into Ham radio, antennas have been my passion.
I like to try all kinds of antennas and variations.

In this section I will illustrate the few that have been tried. There were places I lived that required some ingenious contraptions that actually WORKED! I live in an apartment that restricts antennas so I utilize the travel trailer as much as possible. Below are some of my antenna set-ups.

Majik Antenna
Hiking Pole
Fishing Pole Antenna
Fishing Pole out the Window
Window Sill J-Pole for 2 meters
Coke Bottle Antenna
Mobile home station/antenna system
My Best Antenna System - at The Farm
The one at Gulfport, FL
At house in St. Petersburg, FL.
electric fence antenna at house
W5GI on top of the pink apartments.
Travel trailer antenna setup.