Radio Room

Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of my many shacks, but here are a few.

Don't laugh!  That was 1973.  I was 27. 
Johnson Transmatch, Yeasu FT-101E, Heath Kit keyer, Swan watt meter.

The year is 2006. Kenwood TS-440S and Kenwood TS-570D,
above is the FT-8800R, my FT-817 with the
LDG Z-11 auto tuner. I also have the FT-857D.

I used the computer desk for the station below.

I added the Henry 2KD-2 linear, the Murch 2000A tuner, Diawa CN-720B meter,
and the Kenwood SM-220 station monitor. Not all items pictured are still owned.
That's ME and my ever courious cat Simba.

After leaving the house this is the station in an apartment on the second story with a screened in balcony.

Go to the Antenna page and click St. Pete .

Converted microwave cart (left). Station in travel trailer (right).

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