This call sign is a reminder of my Navy experience from 1966 to 1970.
I chose
N4NSS for that reason. I was stationed at Skaggs Island, CA. (NPG)
after two years on a technical research ship the USS Oxford AGTR-1 (NSSS).
Additional Ox info.

Finally at Imperial Beach, CA.
NPL receiver site, FRD-10 Wullenweber array used by both NAVSECGRU and COMMSTA.

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Skaggs Island Naval Security Group Activity, CA

Skaggs Island Ham Shack--W6KMW Ham Shack/Antenna 1953-1954

W6KMW ... Skaggs Island, California

NCTC Corry Field, Pensacola, FL (circa 1966-1967) WA4ECY Ham Shack