Duties of CARC Elected Officers


  • Facilitates meetings.
  • Arranges for refreshments at meetings.
  • In September, appoints nominating committee for officers for following year
  • Vice-President

  • Arranges for programs for meetings that have programs. (Some meetings such as the auction and Christmas party are pre-planned).
  • Leads meetings in absence of President.
  • Secretary

  • Keeps meeting minutes, provides meeting minutes to Feedline editor
  • Maintains membership roster and handles postal mail
  • Treasurer

  • Makes deposits to club bank account
  • Write checks for club expenses
  • Provide report at monthly meetings
  • Coordinate with swapfest committee to ensure that swapfest funds are balanced
  • Provide information about new and renewing to the Secretary, the elected officers, to the Feedline Editor, and to the Web Caretaker

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