Cary Amateur Radio Club

Cary Midsummer Swapfest is July 19, 2014

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 24, 2014 7:31PM

Latest Feedline (pdf)

White Plains United Methodist Church in Cary, NC. Directions to meeting location.

Club Information

The Cary Amateur Radio Club meets the fourth Thursday of the month at approximately 7:31 p.m. White Plains United Methodist Church, 313 SE Maynard Rd., Cary, NC (directions). Our November and December meetings are combined at the end of November or the beginning of December for a family Holiday gathering. The target date is the Thursday after Thanksgiving, but subject to change due to availability of a meeting location.

Anyone interested in amateur radio is invited to join us. Our $10 annual dues are due each year in March.

Mailing Address:
  Cary Amateur Radio Club

  P.O. Box 53
  Cary, NC  27512

Club Email address: N4NC at domain:

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Next Meeting

The next meeting is on Thursday, March 27, 2014 after 7:31PM
Program: Global Position Systems: Satellites Perspective by Dr. Michael North, KK4EIB
March 2014 Feedline (pdf)

The Ham Public Service Net will resume on Wednesday January 8, 2014, 7:30 pm, on the Carolina 440 Link System. Information about the repeaters in the system can be found at the HPS North Carolina Yahoo groups site at:

RARS will be hosting a technician license class March 29-April 12. Announcement (Microsoft Word)


* The famous Swapfest the third Saturday in July    * Providing communications for the annual Cary Band Day Parade in November    * Member involvement in ARES and Skywarn    * A family holiday dinner in late November or early December (Weather Permitting)

Club Officials

Official's email addresses and domains are listed. To send mail, convert to the form address@domain. For example address:mickey translates to

Elected Officers

Officer Duties

* President: Larry Schroeder, KD4HSL
        address: kd4hsl domain:
*Vice-President: Jim Williams, W4VCF
*Secretary: Don Hurlbert, KW4DON
*Treasurer: Herb Lacey, W3HL


* N4NC Station Trustee: Will Harper, K4IWW
        address: k4iww domain:
* Listserv Moderator/Administrator: Will Harper, K4IWW
        address: k4iww domain:
* Web site Caretaker: Susan Jones, WA4AKB
        address: wa4akb domain:

Other Club Information

* About Our Club Call, N4NC
* The FeedlineThe CARC Newsletter
* Archive Editions of The Feedline, CARC's Online Newsletter (1995-2004)
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