Tower type is Rohn HDBX. Standing 64' tall and costing only $500. due to being a second-hand purchase from an old 11 Meter buddy. But with a like new look due to absolutely no rust at all. That's including all of the required nuts & bolts for assembly-- TOO!
Installation began in Spring of 2005 thereabouts. Rain delays caused site work issues. Almost made a swimming pool out of 5' x 5' hole. Over a 1 square yard of concrete mix with 80 lb bags Quikrete/Sakrete being used. 24 bags TOTAL. Back hurts just thinking about it!!

Original foundation dug and concrete poured by hand. No machinery was used at all! Took two days by myself with few breaks in between to dig foundation hole. Including hauling dirt and rock away in wheel barrow.

Injured right forearm in freak accident while working by myself. Almost lost use of arm for good! Several stitches at Walker Baptist Medical Center's Emergency Room caused more delays while healing. A number of fellow hams came out to assist in tower's completion that Summer. Would never have been able to have finished were it not for their unselfish help. God Bless You... You know who you are!!

My very special thanks to
Bobby Sanford (KG4RJV) in finishing project!

If you are interested in putting up a tower in my area...
I can be made available to "elmer" assist you!

Ground Braid

Ground System View

Ground System View

American Tower Worker Sign

Rest in peace Bobby


Rohn 25G Buyers Guide