When NWS weather radar can't see...
The Storm Spotter's Eye is needed!

Eddie and Timothy Phillips
NWS Mobile Storm Spotters
Walker County (((SKYWARN)))
About Us:

We are a Father and Son spotter team with several weather events under our belts and work independant from other "network controlled" units. Our aprs is used as a reference point for NWS observations.
Program configuration example done by computer software available from manufacturer web site.

These are the "Primary/Secondary" settings once programmed into our aprs system. We monitor VHF frequencies.
Note: Currently we use lower case "y" as Symbol which combined with "\" yields >>
Installed 12 VDC jack
Internal View (Minus battery tray)
Byonics Programming Cable
Complete Programming Cable Assembly
Programming Point (Jack)
Note: MT-AIO Photos are from Jerry Turner (N4DRR)
Permission granted for use.

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