Local Community History

Old City Hall

Original Herdic House

Now the Herdic House Restaurant, this was once the residence for one of Williamsports founders and architects Peter Herdic. Although not designed by Herdic but by Eber Culver; the home was built between 1854 and 1855

.Present Day Herdic House





Herdic Place Hotel

At this shot empty and since remodeled into offices the proud Herdic Place Hotel had the top two floors removed when it was renovated into the former Park Home. Originally, horsedrawn streetcar service connected the hotel to Market Street in the heart of Williamsport and directly adjoining was the main railroad depot.

Old Park Home





Original City Hall









Constructed around 1890, the former City Hall was built on the former Ross Park. This historical building now houses various businesses and agencies. 

Present Day City Hall Building






Annunciation As Originally Planned

Annunciation Roman Catholic Church built in 1889 stands in the heart of Millionaires Row. The high spire pictured was never completed as during construction four workmen fell to their deaths. Father Garvy then ordered the tower to be capped at the present height.

Present Day Annunciation Church