Retourhed images from my father while in the Army


Please enjoy these retouched photos of and by my Father Robert Frei.

He served in the United States Army directly after World War II on the Hospital Ship USS HOPE.

He was intended to be destined for the infantry however following Army miscommunication he wound up as a Medic and learned to give shots on oranges.

If you recognize anyone or any place in these photos let me know.

My father went on to work many years for the Grit Publishing Company and worked in the bindary department.

My father in the armyArmy 2Army3Army4Army5Army6Army7Army8Army9Army10Army11Army 12Army 13Army14Army15Army16Army 17Army 18Army 19Army 20Army 21Army 22Army 22Army 23Army 24Army 25Army 26Army 42Army 43Army 44Army 45Army 46Army 47Army 48Army 49Army 50Army 51Army 52Army 53Army 54Army 55Army 56Army 57Army 58Army 59Army 60Army 61Army 62Army 63Army 64Army 65Army 66Army 67Army 68Army 69Army 70Army 27Army 28Army 29Army 32Army 30Army 31Army 32Army 33Army 34Army 35Army 36Army 37Army 38Army 39Army 40Army 41

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