Dr. James F. Boehner,  N2ZZ

"Dr. Jim"

Vice Director-Elect of the Roanoke Division

We WON!!

I received a phone call November 20, 2009 from ARRL President Joel Harrison N5ZN informing me that I had won the Roanoke Division Vice Director Election!

The election ballots were counted on November 20, 2009.  I received 1692 votes to my opponent Hal Turley's 1496 votes.  This was a close election!  I greatly appreciated a congratulatory e-mail sent to me by Hal once the results were revealed!  The ARRL news story is here: http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2009/11/20/11212/?nc=1

I appreciate all who voted for me.  For those who did not, I hope to earn your confidence over the next three years!

Let me share my (expanded) candidate statement!

My original statement for the ARRL ballots was limited to 300 words.  Here is my full statement, closer to 500 words!

            Greetings from the Southern Hub of the Roanoke Division!  I am the current Section Manager of South Carolina, currently in my fourth consecutive term.  My original plan for the South Carolina Section was to expand participation in, and unify the ARRL field service.  At this time, we have active participation in all of the major cabinet positions, DECís and ASMís in the six EMD areas of South Carolina, ECís in most of our 46 counties and over 100 appointees with active involvement in the ARRL Field Service.  After my initial restructuring of the ARRL field service, encouragement and empowerment of ARRL appointees, South Carolina has accomplished unification of ARES and RACES, been the recipient of the first Amateur Radio Trailer purchased through Homeland Security funding, and developed the SCHEART system-a statewide repeater network to support SC hospitals-with an educational initiative that resulted in licensing of hundreds of new amateur radio operators!  I now step back and proudly watch accomplishments of SC Amateurs on a daily basis!

            As much as I enjoy being a Section Manager, It is time to step up to the Board level where ARRL policy is being made.  An elected official is responsible for whom they represent, bringing memberís views and concerns to the Board level so that appropriate action can be taken.  We are all communicators, but I have seen a break in communication between members and the Board in certain instances.  My plan is to bridge that gap whenever possible.  I realize that teamwork works best, and that working within the system will result in better outcomes for the ARRL membership!

            Personally, I have just received my 40 year membership pin from the ARRL.  I am originally from Syracuse, NY and moved to Georgia in 1982 to pursue an OB/GYN Residency.  I moved to Aiken, SC to begin private practice in 1986 and have made it my home.  I was first licensed in 1969 and hold an Extra Class License.  I am a life member of the ARRL and QCWA. I belong to the Palmetto State Chapter #89 of the QCWA and served as their President in 2005.  My interest in radio began with Shortwave and AM Broadcast DXing.  I have been involved in almost all phases of Amateur Radio, including  CW NTS, SSB, Digital Modes, Echolink, APRS, and D-STAR to name a few.  I have earned WAS, 5BDXCC and am on the DXCC honor roll with 340 countries confirmed.  I have ARRL certification as a Volunteer Examiner and Official Observer.

            I am proud to have been honored as the 2005 co-recipient of the Roanoke Division Service Award, the 2004 recipient of the SC SSB net Sidebander of the Year Award and the ARRL A-1 Operator Award.

            In regards to my Board service, I have served as a Board Member of the non-profit Aiken Kidney Benefit for several years, and currently serve as Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors Ė Aiken Regional Medical Centers.

            I have a deep commitment to the future of Amateur Radio. My place should be where ARRL policies are made.  It would be an honor for me to serve as your Vice Director!

Please also check my information on QRZ.com!



Please Bookmark this page and visit it often.  I will be using this site during and after the election to communicate with current and prospective Roanoke Division ARRL members



Thank you very much for your time.  Should you desire to e-mail me, please click here!

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Jim Boehner
525 Barnwell Avenue, NW
Aiken, SC   29801-3939