Installing MFMAP7 with Windows95

Although there is no guarantee that the MFMAP7 software (a DOS program) will work correctly with your individual Windows 95 setup (including your particular printer, mouse, and video card situation) most users of the MultiFAX software have had excellent success using the MFMAP7 software with Windows 95. We have found the following procedure to work well although other approches may work just as well.

Important: Unload any screensaver software when MFMAP7 is to be used!

Creating a folder for your MFMAP software:

- Open the "My Computer" icon with a double click.

- Open the "C Drive" icon with a double click.

- Click on "File," then "New," then "Folder." You can name the folder MFMAP7.

- Return to the "My Computer" screen.

Copying your MFMAP files from floppy to your hard drive:

- Insert MFMAP floppy disk into drive.

- At the "My Computer" screen, double click on the A: or B: floppy drive icon. The files on the MultiFAX floppy disk should be listed.

- Click on "Edit," then "Select All."

- Click and hold the mouse button on the selected files and drag them to the "MFMAP7" folder you created in the previous step. Release the mouse button and the MFMAP7 files will begin to transfer to the MFMAP7 folder.

- When transfer is complete close the floppy drive window and remove floppy disk. Store the floppy in a safe place.

Setting up MFMAP7 to run with Windows95:

- Double click on the MFMAP7 folder and single click on the file named MFMAP7.EXE.

- Click on "File," then click on "Create shortcut." A shortcut file should be added to your MFMAP7 folder.

- Click once on this shortcut icon to select it and then click on "File", then "Properties", then "Program", then "Change Icon", then "Browse" any available icons (.ico) you have, select the one you want, then click "OK".

- You might want to set the "Run" window size to maximize. Click "OK".

- If you want your Shortcut Icon to be on your desktop simply click and drag the icon to where you want it on your desktop. Close all open windows.

- To run MFMAP7, double click on the earth icon.

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