MultiFAX 1691 MHZ Downconverter

MultiFAX 1691-137.5 MHz Downconverter

Due to lack of availability we no longer offer the MultiFAX Downconverter for sale. We are looking into several alternatives and will post any news on downconverter availablility here.

MultiFAX offers a compact, low cost, weatherproofed downconverter to be used for reception of high quality GOES and Meteosat images directly on a 137.5 MHz polar orbiting satellite receiver such as the MultiFAX MF-R1 or Vanguard WEPIX-2000B.


The MultiFAX downconverter is a high quality, modified TVRO downconverter in a cast metal weatherproof case. The unit is powered directly through the output coaxial cable using the power supply and power injector (bias tap) included with the unit. This means that no additional wiring is required supply power to the downconverter.

The downconverter is to be located outside at the antenna or dish. The coaxial cable feeding the downconverter from the antenna or feed horn should be of high quality (Belden 9913 is a good choice) and as short as possible (under ten feet). A six foot diameter dish (or equivalent) is recommended for optimum quality, noise free images. The use of a single loop-Yagi type antenna is not recommended.

Because of the high gain of this downconverter, you should have no trouble using up to 100 feet of coax to connect the downconverter to the satellite receiver.

Because temperature variations can cause the downconverter frequency to vary slightly you may have to adjust the center frequency of your 137.5 MHz satellite receiver to obtain optimum signal. This is done on the Vanguard WEPIX-2000B by switching to Bank 2 and adjusting for best signal. Scanners can be tuned up or down in 5 KHz steps to determine where the signal quality is best.


RF Input: 1691.00 MHz
IF Output: 137.50 MHz
Temperature Stability: +/-25 KHz (-30 to +158 F)
Noise Figure: equal to or less than 1 dB
Gain: 45 dB typical
Input Connector: "N" Type
Output Connector: "F" Type
Supply Voltage: +16 to +24 VDC
Supply Current: 215 mA
Size: 5.7" x 3.2" x 1.4"
Weight: 10 ounces

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