DEMO7.EXE on MultiFAX BBS or download now!

Note: We have added a new package of demo software (DEMO7.EXE) to the MultiFAX BBS. The original demo package (MFDEMO.EXE) is still on the BBS but the new package better illustrates the high resolution images captured by the MultiFAX system. The new demo software is called DEMO7.EXE.

DEMO7.EXE is a "self-extracting" compressed file. After downloading simply run the DEMO7.EXE file and the various component files will be "separated" and expanded on your hard disk. Included with the package is viewing software (MF7DEMO.EXE), a full 3.5 MB NOAA image (NOAA.PIC), some support files, and a documentation file in ASCII format (MF7DEMO.DOC) that can be printed for a hard copy Manual. The Viewing software is very similar in "look & feel" to the current MultiFAX MFMAP7 image capture software. In addition, the viewing software also supports satellite tracking! With the new demo software you can view a complete NOAA image pass, zoom up to 8X, enhance the image, and create saved "views" in both binary and GIF formats. Both visual and IR images are included.

The MultiFAX BBS can support 28.8 KB modems. DEMO7.EXE is a large file-approximately 2.5 MB. The satellite image contained in DEMO7.EXE 3.5 MB long. The package has been compressed as much as possible but it still is large and will take some time to download.

Check Out the MultiFAX Bulletin Board!

MultiFAX has a computer bulletin board service (BBS) available 24 hours a day at no cost other than your long distance telephone fee. The MultiFAX Demo Image package is available from the BBS at no charge. The BBS contains many other files, both images and programs, and you can leave messages for the sysop as well as leave messages for other users. The BBS also has current satellite orbital elements in the format used by the new tracking feature of the MFMAP7 software-download the ELEMENTS.SAT file. The following instructions tell you how to log onto the BBS, download the demo, and log off. Of course there is much more to the BBS than the demo-feel free to explore. There is a ninety minute time limit per day for each caller.

How to log on and download the MFMAP Demo software:

You will need: An IBM compatible computer with modem (1.2K to 28.8K baud) and communications software.

- Set your communications software for ANSI graphics if it can support that mode. Use 8 data bits and 1 stop bit with full duplex (no echo).

- Dial the MultiFAX BBS at (716) 425-8759. You should hear a tone when our modem answers the call. Shortly, the two modems should connect.

- You will be asked if you want color graphics. If you DO want color, and your communications software supports ANSI graphics characters, then type [y] for yes and press enter. If you DO NOT want color graphics then type [n] for no and press enter. If you are unsure choose "no" the first time. Note: You can always toggle between color or no color at the main menu.

- You will then be asked to type your name and choose a password. If you are not in the user list yet you will be asked a few questions. After you respond to the questions you have full use of the board and can download files. After that, you will be a registered user.

- Next, you will be advised of news, bulletins, and mail that you can read. Later, please read bulletin #1 named Rules of the MultiFAX BBS. Note: If you should get "lost" just keep pressing [enter] and you will eventually return to the main menu.

- Now, the main menu will be displayed. To download the demo program, type [d] for download and press enter. You will be asked the filename. Type in "MFDEMO1.EXE" and press enter. At this point you will be asked to choose a transfer protocol. Use Zmodem if your software supports it-it's the fastest. Xmodem is slower but works for almost all communications programs. Later, you can set your default transfer protocol at the main menu by typing [t].

- Depending on your communications software and protocol you've chosen, you might be asked what filename you want for your computer. Just use the same name-MFDEMO1.EXE. Zmodem will automatically name the file the same. Soon, the file should start downloading to your computer. Depending on the speed of your modem the download could take as little as ten minutes or as long as an hour (at 2400 baud-do not try to download the demo at a modem speed less than 2400 baud). The file size is approximately 825 kbytes.

- After the download is finished you can look around the BBS, download other files, or log off by typing [g] for good-bye and press return. The demo program, when executed from DOS, will self extract the viewing software (MFDEMO.EXE) and four satellite images. To run the demo just type MFDEMO at the DOS prompt and press enter-follow the instructions provided by the program.

We hope you enjoy the MultiFAX BBS and the MFDEMO software.

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