Rohn HBX-48 Install at N2VR

Tower A4S The challenge: Replace the fair-performing shed-top 8-foot tower with something around 50 feet. Given the ridge that runs along behind the property that seemed as high as we could go and still get signals from Europe down through Africa. The antenna from the shed tower -- Cushcraft A4S triband yagi -- would go up on the new tower. The shed tower was installed in August 1999 so was only 1 year old.

Many, many thanks to K2ZRB (left) and W2AD for a hard, hot day's work helping put the tower up section by section, and to neighbor Greg for a very critical half-hour assistance. Nothing could happen without friendly help!!!

Decision points: Didn't want guys -- too many deer in the back yard tripping over, and nibbling on, everything! And too many obstacles to mowing already. So freestanding it was, even with the reduced wind load compared to Rohn 25G. Cost looked about the same once you add in the guys and hardware required by the 25G. Labor was much more -- hand-digging in our rock and clay soil is accomplished with pick and shovel! Rohn specifies 4.1 cubic yards of concrete to anchor the HBX-48. 16 hours of soil moving later we ended up with a 4.6 cu yard foundation with a calculated weight of 18,050 lbs. This tower isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

For those with time and bandwidth to burn, here are all the pics from the project. Enjoy!

The tower really made this antenna come alive. Nothing like some proper height! In theory a 48 foot tower is just right for 15 meters, perhaps a tad high for optimal 10 meter work and not quite high enough for good 20m DX'ing. In reality it's a heck of a lot better than 18 feet off the ground and even helps getting over the nearby ridge on 20m. Signals from the north and west (Japan, China, Mongolia) are about 1 full S-unit louder, and a lot of signals that used to be buried in the noise are now readable. I love it when a project works out! If you have limited space and want a tower, definately look into the Rohn HBX option.

The shed tower was moved to the roof of the house for 6m/10m/VHF/UHF use. Stay tuned as antennas start springing up there.

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