Emergency Antennas See The Go-Kits On The Other Side Of The Antenna

In many situations where there's short notice to set up a station in preparation for a coming activation or in reaction to a storm or other communications outage, you may not have access to an antenna that is matched to your radio and desired band of operation. This page presents some options to get on the air quickly by assembling on-the-spot or ahead-of-time antennas.


Built by N2KI and used during a recent deployment, a Diamond NR770HB is mounted atop an SS-7761 speaker stand. N2KI's 2M/440Mhz portable antenna built on an SS-7761 speaker stand
J-Pole Antennas
Zepp2 J-Pole
Commercially available mounts & clamps providing a PL-259 to 3/8-24 antenna stud


The simplest and quickest form of getting on HF would be to throw a random length of any available wire into trees, making sure you are well clear of power lines. This would require the use of a tuner and small portable tuners are readily available. Given additional time to prepare, the G5RV can be readily purchased at hamfests or can easily be constructed with PVC pipe fittings, scrap electrical wire, and TV twin lead. Home made G5RV and portable QRP antenna with built-in tuner