Hello all, I ocassionally am in the market for something or have something to sell or give away, below you will find a list of both that is current as of 6 January 2003.


I am always interested in Yaesu FT-101 series equipment as well as 6m equipment, I will pay reasonable prices or work a trade according to the condition of the equipment. Please provide full details and electronic photos if possible as well as your asking price.

If you are looking to sell or make go away to a good home something for the cost of shipping, send me an e-mail with the details.

In general I prefer equipment that is in good working condition and from a non-smoking environment.


1. Hammarlund SP-600JX series receiver in excellent condition.

2. Yaesu FT-650B 6m transverter, match for FT-101E series, wanted in excellent condition.

3. Yaesu YC-601B digital frequency display/frequency counter for FT-101 series, wanted in excellent condition.

4. YO-101 and YO-901 station monitor scopes in excellent condition.

5. Yaesu FT-201 HF transceiver, wanted in execllent condition.

6. Yaesu FT-101E series extender service cards.

Yaesu FT-101E series extender service cards

7. Yaesu FT-101F series service manual.

8. Yaesu FT-101ZD series service manual.

9. Tubes, Toshiba or NEC 6JS6C and 12BY7A, new old stock most desirable. Other makes considered.

To arrange a purchase of anything that I have listed, FIRST please contact me via e-mail to check status of item and to determine postage and insurance.

All of the equipment that I have for sale is equipment that I have personally owned and used in my station for years. I do not buy and sell equipment to make a profit. I hardly ever sell anything that I buy for that matter.

I am a non-smoker and all equipment I have for sale is in like new condition unless otherwise specified.

All sales require payment via U.S. Postal Money order.

Shipping on this end will be either USPS Priority Mail or Airborne Express, your choice unless otherwise specified. A daytime address where someone is present and the phone number for that party will be required for Airborne Express.

Thank you.


Kenwood YG455CN 250hz CW filter. $60.00 plus shipping and insurance to lower 48 states via USPS. U.S. Postal Money payment order only.

Open to trades, say for a Bird 43 watt meter elements, tell me what you have.


R-390 connectors

Attention R-390 and other military radio equipment owners. Amphenol/ipc FXR part number 309-45050 miniture "C" type coaxial cable assembly connectors with female center pin. These are individually sealed in factory orignal packaging as purchased years ago when I serviced radio equipment. See picture at web site. These are very hard to come by today and quite expensive. I am asking $10.00 per connector plus $3.95 shipping in the U.S. via U.S. Priority mail. For each additional connector up to five (5) add $5.00 each. I will sell groups of 10 for $60.00 total while they last. U.S. Postal Money order payment only.

Click photo to enlarge connector

Spectrol model 534, 10 turn 50K ohm +/-5% linear pot with +/-.25% linearity. I am asking $5.00 per unit plus $3.95 shipping in the U.S. via U.S. Priority mail. For each additional pot up to five (5) add $4.00 each. I will sell groups of 10 for $33.00 total while they last. U.S. Postal Money order payment only.

Motorola Full-wave Bridge Rectifiers

Motorola part number MDA952-2, molded full-wave bridge rectifiers. 6 Amp forward current at up to 150 Amp 70 Vac 60Hz surge current. Copy of full data sheet with each unit (see below). Good for up to 100 Vdc capacitive load. I forget what radio used these in particular. Great for replacement in many linear amplifier relay keying circuits like SB-200 or SB-220 or for small power supplies in general. I am asking $5.00 per unit while they last plus $3.95 shipping in the U.S. via U.S. Priority mail. U.S. Postal Money order payment only.

Click photo to enlarge photo

Click photo to enlarge data sheet

Click here to download full size data sheet JPEG file

Eimac 5CX3000A/8966 tube and socket.

I have one USED 5CX3000A tube and damaged (looks usable) SK-1420 socket. The condition of this tube is UNKNOWN to me. If the tube, if it is not in working condition (I have no way of testing it) can be rebuilt be Eimac in accordance with their current fee schedule. I took this in trade many years ago to build a BIG 6 Meter amplfier with it.

The 5CX3000A/8966 is designed for use as a Class AB1 linear amplifier in audio or radio frequency applications up to 110Mhz. Its characteristic low intermodulation distortion make it especially suitable for single sideband service. It requires less than 50 watts of drive to produce over 8Kw of output. Thus this tube is great for 10 watt or less 6 meter exciters if you dare. This 5CX3000A is a MONSTER tube, it draws 41.5 amp of heater current alone. Click here to visist the Eimac website for full data sheet details

Open to an even trade for a pair of 4CX1000A tubes or a Kenwood SM-230 or TL-922 or an SB-220 or Yaesu FT-101 series equipment or possibly something else you may want to trade.

Click photo to enlarge 5CX3000A and Socket

Shipping and insurance will be on me via USPS Priority Mail unless you want to pay for Airborne Express.

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