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Hello, I am Samantha. Welcome to my homepage. I have many interests and hobbies. I have included many links to sites related to my interests. My interests are, amateur radio, photography, crafts, cats, teddy bears, plants, traveling, country music (especially Garth Brooks) and spending time with family (especially my hubby, Gene). Please check back from time to time as I plan to include new links and photos also. Thanks for visiting.

Check out these cool spots!

My Hubby, Gene's (N1EH) homepage

One of my favorite hobbies, GEOCACHING

Sammie's Secret Garden Page

Women Radio Operators of New England

American Radio Relay League

Eastern Mass ARRL Web

Garth Brooks

Denver Broncos (my favorite team)

The Lipizzan Stallions

Send me an E-mail! n1mjp@qsl.net

1997 Samantha Harriman

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