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  • Astronomy Information and Telescope Resources - Contained here are resource links for the Meade LX200 (GPS & Classic), LX90, LX50, LXD55, Starfinder, and ETX telescopes; and Pictor CCD cameras and imaging software.
  • Meade LX-200 Telescope - Tips and tricks on how to get the most from the Meade LX-200 line of computer controlled Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes, CCD cameras, and accessories that interface seamlessly with the LX-200.

  • Cadillac Resources - Links to the various Cadillac related resources available on the web. Items such as resetting the "Oil Life" indicator light, links to download your owners manual, personal webpages, photos and resources for the Service Professional: accessing the onboard diagnostic trouble codes, online service manuals, etc.
  • Cadillac Owners Mailing List - To discuss ideas and issues regarding Cadillac Motor Cars and to share general enthusiasm about them.
  • Cadillac Self-Diagnostic Information - Your Cadillac is equipped with a very good on-board diagnostic system capable of reading out the stored trouble codes. Contained here is information and instructions for entering the onboard self-diagnostic mode and reading the trouble codes.
  • Last-Generation Fleetwood Brougham FAQ - The Cadillac of Cadillacs! The Cadillac that stands out among other Cadillacs is the Fleetwood... No automobile has so captured the admiration of luxury car buyers as the magnificent Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Luxurious on the grand Cadillac scale, outstanding, even among Cadillacs.
  • Fleetwood Brougham Technical Archives - Most of the information contained here pertains to the 1993-1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (D-Bodys/D-Car), with the LT1 engine, however almost all the components used on these cars are also shared with other Cadillac models and GM makes (ie. B-Bodys/B-Car).
  • 1998+ Remote Keyless Entry System (RKE) - RKE programming procedure (requires a Tech-2 scan tool) for model year 1998 and newer - applicable for Concours, Deville, Eldorado ETC, Seville SLS, and Seville STS only. The 1999+ Escalade uses a different procedure which is available here.
  • 1996-97 Remote Keyless Entry System (RKE) - Programming procedure for the 1996 and 1997 Concours, Deville, Eldorado ETC, Seville SLS, and Seville STS Only. The 1996 Fleetwood Brougham uses a different procedure which is available here and the 1997+ Catera uses this procedure.
  • 1994-95 Remote Keyless Entry System (RKE) - Programming procedure for the 1994 and 1995 Concours, Deville, Eldorado ETC, Seville SLS, and Seville STS Only. The 1994 & 1995 Fleetwood Brougham uses a different procedure which is available here.
  • 1991-1993 Cadillac Remote Keyless Entry System (RKE) - Programming procedure for the 1993 and older Deville, Fleetwood (FWD: Front-Wheel-Drive) and Sixty-Special Only. The 1993 Fleetwood Brougham (RWD: Rear-Wheel-Drive) uses a different procedure which is available here.
  • Cadillac Indicator Lights Resetting Procedures - How to reset the 'check engine', 'service engine', 'transaxle fluid', and 'oil change' reminder lights on various Cadillac models and years.
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (1980s Cadillacs) - Diagnostic Trouble Codes and other specific information for the early 80's Cadillacs.
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Pre-1996) - Diagnostic Trouble Codes for OBD equipped General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, & Saturn) vehicles.
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes 2 (1996 to Current) - Diagnostic Trouble Codes for OBD II (generally built after 1996) equipped General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, & Saturn) vehicles.
  • Cadillac Desktop Wallpaper Images - Brighten up your desktop each month with a new picture showcasing both the old and new visions of Cadillac! Here we will feature some of the most magnificent machines built of Detroit steel alongside today’s hydro-formed aluminum and carbon fiber bodies.
  • Your Cadillac and the Year 2000 - The following is an email letter from GM's Cadillac Motor Car Division in regards to the compatibility of the on-board computer(s) and the year 2000 bug.

  • Windows XP Tips - Tips and suggestions that will allow you to enhance and improve Microsoft's Windows XP Pro and Home Editions.
  • Windows ME Tips - Tips and suggestions that will allow you to enhance and improve Microsoft's Windows Millennium Edition OS.
  • Windows 98 Tips - Tips and suggestions that will allow you to enhance and improve Microsoft's Windows 98 OS.
  • Windows 95 Tips - A collection of tip and suggestions that will allow you to enhance and improve Microsoft's Windows 95 OS.
  • Windows NT Tips - A few tips on how to improve Microsoft's Windows NT performance.
  • Windows 2000 Tips - A few tips and suggestions that will allow you to enhance and improve Microsoft's Windows 2k performance.

  • Electronic Gadgets - I love all kinds of electronic gadgets and here's the best of the best list. Be sure to check out this month's featured gadget.

  • Reference Books - These recommended titles are cycled regularly to reflect current trends and my own recommendations. Included are guidlines for selecting home theater equipment, astronomy for the amateur astronomer, the American space program, computers and the internet.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Infocom's interactive science fiction story. Based on a novel by Douglas Adams.
  • Team Cadillac - The Official [email protected] group for Cadillac Owners and Enthusiasts - For all those who are unfamiliar with [email protected]; it is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).
  • Trivia and Fun Facts - For all you trivia buffs. I only present them here for your enjoyment, I make no claim to the validity of these items.
  • The Standard Catchall Universal Disclaimer Notice - (a.k.a. The Small Print) New And Improved - Now With Whiter Whites!

  • Home Theater Information - A guide for setting up a Home Theater with tips on selecting components and installation.
  • Television Calibration - How to adjust and calibrate any television (NTSC) to get an almost perfect picture.
  • Avia or Video Essentials - Comparison of the Video and Audio setup DVDs available - plus updated information on Digital Video Essentials. And the winner is...
  • Sony Service Mode (NTSC) - How to enter the "secret" Service Mode found on newer Sony televisions (NTSC) and a brief description of each item.
  • Sony Service Mode (PAL) - PAL version of how to enter the "secret" Service Mode on Sony televisions and a brief description of each item.
  • 16x9 (Anamorphic) Vertical Squeeze - Information on how to perform the vertical squeeze service mode trick to view 16x9 (anamorphic) encoded DVD material in full resolution on a standard 4x3 NTSC television.
  • Sony Wega 16x9 (Anamorphic) Vertical Squeeze - Information on how to perform the vertical squeeze service mode trick to view 16x9 (anamorphic) encoded DVD material in full resolution on Sony's Wega series standard 4x3 NTSC televisions.
  • Sony DVD Player Calibration Procedure - The Sony 330, 360, 530, 550, 560 and 570 DVD players have the ability to automatically calibrate the playback functions of dual-layered DVDs and CDs.
  • Digital Video Disc (DVD) Review Index - Here is where I will be posting reviews of some of the discs in my collection. All of the discs in this section will be region 1 discs from the US unless noted otherwise.
  • Digital Video Disc (DVD) Collection - My current DVD library with links to the IMDB's movie database.
  • DVD Wish List - Movies I would like to see released on the DVD format.
  • Laser Disc (LD) Collection - My current LD library with links to the IMDB's movie database.
  • Thomson Settles Defective TV Case - The maker of RCA, GE and Proscan televisions will set aside as much as $100 million to compensate consumers for potential defects that can render the products virtually unwatchable.

  • Favorite Mailing Lists - Instructions on how to subscribe (and unsubscribe!) to the various mailing lists that deal with Astronomy, Computers, Movies, News, Space, Sports, Television, TVRO, etc.

  • The Ultimate Resource Guide for the Home Chef! - Links to kitchen tested recipes, cookbooks and essential kitchen gadgets.
  • My Favorite Recipes - I have been known to cook and/or bake and here's a collection of some of my favorite foods to make. Kitchen tested and Tony Approved That's pure flavor!™ Recipes!

  • Current Geostationary Satellite List - Includes all C & Ku-band satellites viewable from North America that are currently transmitting video and audio services.
  • Favorite Satellite Channels List - Video and audio listing of all channels (DIGITAL, NTSC, VC2+, SCPC, SEDAT) available via TVRO & links to the channel's web site (if available). Use to programming the favorite channel menu of your TVRO satellite receiver or as a service location guide.
  • Chaparral Monterey Receivers - Programming tips and tricks on how to efficiently use the memory and get the most from your Monterey Model 50-95 TVRO satellite receiver and general tips and ideas to improve any TVRO or DBS installation.

  • Scanning and Public Safety Resources - Links to the various webpages with resources such as Ham Radio and Scanning: Monitoring Police and Fire Communications, Scanner Frequencies, Law Enforcement Professional resources for Management, Guidance and Self-Help.
  • The Antenna Challenge - In constant search of a better scanner antenna? Evaluating the performance characteristics of various handheld scanner antennas, basestation antennas and rooftop TV antennas (for VHF-UHF-HDTV performance).
  • Bearcat BC780xlt - Tips and tricks on how to get the most from Uniden's Bearcat BC-780xlt scanning radio receiver.
  • Electra Bearcat 101 - Frequency programming instructions, specifications, and links to a program that also generates codes for those in-between frequencies that are not in the code book.
  • LIVE! St. Louis Scanner Audio Feed - Listen to a scanner located in St. Louis Missouri USA
  • LIVE! Scanner Audio From Around the County - Follow the news as it happens... LIVE! Listen to the radio transmissions of your local Police and Fire emergency services as they do their jobs. Hear local Air Traffic Control and Rail frequencies too!
  • St. Louis Listeners Guide to Scanner Radio Frequencies - If you have just bought a scanner, or are visiting the St. Louis Missouri area, or maybe you're an old pro looking for something fresh, then this is the radio frequency guide for you!
  • Programmable Scanner Frequency Files and Software - If you live in the St. Louis, St. Charles or Metro-East areas, or are planning a visit and you use computer programmable (or computer controlled) scanner, the links on this page will allow you to download pre-programmed data files of relevant scanner frequencies and talkgroups for many different types of radio scanners and related programming software packages. Datafiles currently available include; AOR AR8200-MK3 - Bearcat 200XLT - Realistic PRO-2006 - Icom IC-R2, IC-V8, IC-V8000, IC-R75 - Uniden BC780xlt, BC895XLT, BC245xlt, BC250d, BC785d, BC796D - Radio Shack PRO-92 (PRO-2067), PRO-93 (PRO-2053), PRO-95, PRO-96 - Yaesu VX-150 - Trunker (MTrunk) Data Files.
  • St. Louis Scanner Frequencies - Radio Scanner Frequency List for the Saint Louis, Missouri metro area and surrounding Municipalities. PLUS: Nationwide items like Presidential, FBI, Secret Service, Military Bases, Air, Fast Food, & Space Shuttle communication frequencies.
    St. Louis Public Safety Frequencies - St. Louis County "10" Codes St. Louis City "10" Codes - St. Louis Area Fire Departments Metro East (Illinois) Frequencies - Business & Manufacturing Frequencies - Railroad Channels and Special Interest Frequencies - Nationwide Itinerant, FCC Part-15 and Dot & Star Frequencies - St. Louis Ham Repeater Frequencies - Federal Government Frequencies - Airport, Mil-Air & FAA Aviation Frequencies - Utilities Frequencies - Scanner Search Ranges
  • Scanner Owners Manuals - Replace your missing or worn-out scanner manual with a downloadable PDF version. Includes various Electra Bearcat, Uniden Bearcat, Regency, Radio Shack Realistic, Radio Shack Patrolman manuals, and many other scanning radio manuals

  • Apollo Mission Summary - Here's my on-going research on the Apollo Missions to the Moon. Includes: Saturn Launch Vehicle, CM & LM Payloads, Primary & Backup Crews, Launch Times, Mission Objective, Landing & Splash Sites, Recovery Ship, etc. Contains links to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ).
  • Apollo 13 Transcript - Transcript of key moments in the flight of Apollo-XIII (NOT the movie). Contains CapCom Air-to-Ground and Flight Director (FD) Loop conversations that took place in the Mission Operation Control Room (MOCR) on April 11-17, 1970 during the glory days of the Apollo space program. Special thanks to Robert Bowen for provding additional audio files.
  • Apollo 13 Findings - Summary of the Apollo 13 accident by the Apollo 13 Review Board. With events that lead to the failure of O2 tank 2 during flight.
  • Apollo 13 Cryo Data - Actual screen captures of the ECS console showing cryo tank pressures before and after the incident.
  • Apollo 13 'Towing Bill' - Invoice sent (tongue in cheek) to North American Rockwell from the Grumman Aerospace Corporation, the company that makes the Apollo command and service modules, for additional services rendered during the flight.
  • Apollo 13 (The Movie) Script - Based on the book "Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13" by Jim Lovell, the Commander of Apollo 13. Directed by Ron Howard. Original transcript courtesy of Yuriy G. Bykov.

  • Links - Here's my favorite places to visit and explore on the World Wide Web. Please report any updates or dead links you may discover.


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      St. Louis Police Frequencies, St. Louis Fire Frequencies, St. Louis County Police Frequencies, St. Louis County Fire Frequencies, St. Louis County Police Department, Sunset Hills Police Department, Crestwood Police Department, Webster Groves Police Department, Kirkwood Police Department, Maplewood Police Department, Town & Country Police Department, Brentwood Police Department, Ladue Police Department, Creve Coeur Police Department, Chesterfield Police Department, Des Peres Police Department, Ballwin Police Department, Ellisville Police Department, Maryland Heights Police Department, Arnold Police Department, Olivette Police Department, University City Police Department, Clayton Police Department, St. Ann Police Department, Overland Police Department, Richmond Heights Police Department, Jefferson County Police Department, Berekeley Police Department, Ferguson Police Department, Florissant Police Department, Missouri Highway Patrol Alton Police Department, Belleville Police Department, Fairmount City Police Department, O'Fallon Police Department, Granite City Police Department, Madison County Police Department, Madison Police Department, Madisonville Police Department, Collinsville Police Department, Illinois Highway Patrol (St. Louis City TRS) St. Louis City Police Trunked Radio System St. Louis City Police Department Frequencies (St. Louis City Police TRS) City of St. Louis Police Frequencies, St. Louis City Police Frequencies SmartLine, Phone Patch, High Use Repeaters, plus Talkgroup IDs: Dispatch, Special Operations, I-Calls (St. Charles TRS) St. Charles Police Trunked Radio System St. Charles Police Department (St. Charles Police TRS) South County Fire Alarm (Mehlville Fire Department), Centrl County Fire Alarm, North County Fire Alarm, Kirkwood Fire Department, Brentwood Fire Department, Ladue Fire Department, Frontenac Fire Department, Des Peres Fire Department, Olivette Fire Department, Richmond Heights Fire Department, Franklin County Fire Department, Jefferson County Fire Department, ARCH Dispatch, St. Louis City Fire Department, St. Louis City EMS Dispatch Alton, Belleville Fire Department, Edwardsville Fire Department, Columbia Fire Department, Cahokia Fire Department, Collinsville Fire Department, East Alton Fire Fire Department, East St.Louis Fire Department, Fairview Heights Fire Department, Granite City Fire Department, WoodRiver Fire Department, Madisonville Fire Department, Madison Fire Department, Madison County Fire Department, Millstadt Fire Department, O'Fallon Fire Department, Sauget Fire Department, Swansea Fire Department St. Louis Police Freqs St. Louis Fire Freqs St. Louis City Police Freqs 1st District 1 2nd District 2 3rd District 3 4th District 4 5th District 5 6th District 6 7th District 7 8th District 8 9th District 9 North Patrol (Area 3) South Patrol (Area 1) Central Patrol (Area 2) Head Quarters North County Precinct (1st Precinct 1) West County Precinct (2nd Precinct 2) Affton Precinct (3rd Precinct 3) South County Precinct (4th Precinct 4) Fenton Precinct (5th Precinct 5) Wildwood Precinct (6th Precinct 6) (7th Precinct 7) Police Scanner Codes Police Frequency Codes Radio Scanner Codes Radio Codes SLPD SLFD STLPD STLFD STLMO MOSHP STLCO STL County PD STL City PD Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) member Mullanphy Nightstick SLMPD SLCPD SLCPA SLCFD 900MHz Trunked Systems 800MHz Trunked Systems 400MHz Trunked Systems 150MHz Trunked Systems st. louis frequency st. louis frequencies st. louis scanner freq st. louis scanner freqs st. louis scanner frequency st. louis scanner frequencies st. louis scanner trunked freq st. louis scanner trunked freqs st. louis scanner trunked frequency st. louis scanner trunked frequencies st. louis, mo scanner frequencies saint louis, mo scanner frequencies st. louis, missouri scanner frequencies saint louis, missouri scanner frequencies st. louis county, missouri scanner frequencies saint louis county, missouri scanner frequencies st. louis city, missouri scanner frequencies saint louis city, missouri scanner frequencies st. louis city scanner frequencies st. louis county scanner frequencies air frequencies lambert international airport frequency counter frequency scanner cr02 tape equalization cart racing Formula One Formula 1 secret frequency secret frequencies F1, F2, F3, F4 F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12, F13, F14, F15, F16, F17, F18, F19, F20, F21, F22, F23, F24 secret police frequency secret police frequencies police secret frequency police secret frequencies secret goverment frequency secret goverment frequencies goverment secret frequency goverment secret frequencies secret fire frequency secret fire frequencies fire secret frequency fire secret frequencies secret fbi frequency secret fbi frequencies fbi secret frequency fbi secret frequencies secret service frequency secret service frequencies secret race frequency secret race frequencies race secret frequency race secret frequencies unpublished frequency unpublished frequencies unpublished police frequency unpublished police frequencies police unpublished frequency police unpublished frequencies unpublished goverment frequency unpublished goverment frequencies goverment unpublished frequency goverment unpublished frequencies unpublished fire frequency unpublished fire frequencies fire unpublished frequency fire unpublished frequencies unpublished fbi frequency unpublished fbi frequencies fbi unpublished frequency fbi unpublished frequencies unpublished service frequency unpublished service frequencies unpublished race frequency unpublished race frequencies race unpublished frequency race unpublished frequencies f1 nascar indy-500 Indycar indy-car racing uniden bearcat bc-780xlt Uniden bc 780xlt scanning scanning radio radio scanner scanner radio Motorola, Inc. Motorola C-QUAM Motorola CQUAM Ericsson or M/A-COM EDACS systems M/A-COM OpenSky AMAX active magnetic loop antenna AM AM-Stereo FM FM-Stereo LW SW HF VHF UHF VHF-LO VHF-HI UHF-LO UHF-HI Association of Police Communications Officials (APCO) Project 54 computer system Visteon's TACNET police car cruiser equipment Project54 (P54) trunktracker III trunk tracker III 300 channels 500 channels 1100 channels APCO 25 IMBE Digital Encrypted alpha tagging alphanumeric display text tags s.a.m.e. weather alert (SAME Codes) f.i.p.s. code (FIPS Codes) pc control ctcss/dcs tones clone feature digital decoding (Enhanced Digital Access Communications System) edacs (Enhanced Digital Access Communications System) motorola software downloads e.f. johnson smartscanner vfo tuning menu-driven software firmware upgrade motorola maxtrac alpha display text tags Home Channels VOX (Voice Operated) tape recorder spectrum POLICE CALL book excluding cellular bands uhf tv trunktracker Trunking Trunked codes mtrunk etrunk systems system frequencies Information talkgroup Splinter Frequency fleet fleetmaps subfleet 900MHz Trunked Radio Systems 800MHz Trunked Radio Systems 400MHz Trunked Radio Systems 150MHz Trunked Radio Systems Emergency Services Motorola Ericsson EDACS, APCO-25 / Project 25 P-25 digital voice trunking Unencrypted Digital Voice (IMBE Vocoder) 3600 baud trunking 9600 baud trunking ASTRO Digital radio scanner, shortwave, short wave, mediumwave, medium wave, Radio Shack, Optoelectronics, Police Call, Police, Emergency, radio, listening, monitoring, Icom, Bearcat, Uniden, Weather, Monitoring Times, AOR, Alinco, Austin, antenna, satellite, Palstar, Sony, Sangean, WiNRADiO, repair, trade-in, tradein, trade in, scanner, shortwave, short wave, mediumwave, medium wave, Radio Shack, Optoelectronics, Police Call, Police, Emergency, radio, listening, monitoring, Icom, Bearcat, Uniden, Weather, Monitoring Times, AOR, Alinco, Austin, antenna, satellite, Palstar, Sony, Sangean, WiNRADiO, repair, trade-in, tradein, trade in, scanner, shortwave, short wave, mediumwave, medium wave, Radio Shack, Optoelectronics, Police Call, Police, Emergency, radio, listening, monitoring, Icom, Bearcat, Uniden, Weather, Monitoring Times, AOR, Alinco, Austin, antenna, satellite, Palstar, Sony, Sangean, WiNRADiO, repair, trade-in, tradein, trade in, scanner, shortwave, short wave, mediumwave, medium wave, Radio Shack, Optoelectronics, Police Call, Police, Emergency, radio, listening, monitoring, Icom, Bearcat, Uniden, Weather, Monitoring Times, AOR, Alinco, Austin, antenna, satellite, Palstar, Sony, Sangean, WiNRADiO, repair, trade-in, tradein, trade in, scanner, shortwave, short wave, mediumwave, medium wave, Radio Shack, Optoelectronics, Police Call, Police, Emergency, radio, listening, monitoring, Icom, Bearcat, Uniden, Weather, Monitoring Times, AOR, Alinco, Austin, antenna, satellite, Palstar, Sony, Sangean, WiNRADiO, repair, trade-in, tradein, trade in, scanner, shortwave, short wave, mediumwave, medium wave, Radio Shack, Optoelectronics, Police Call, Police, Emergency, radio, listening, monitoring, Icom, Bearcat, Uniden, Weather, Monitoring Times, AOR, Alinco, Austin, antenna, satellite, Palstar, Sony, Sangean, WiNRADiO, repair, trade-in, tradein, trade in, scanner, shortwave, short wave, mediumwave, medium wave, Radio Shack, Optoelectronics, Police Call, Police, Emergency, radio, listening, monitoring, Icom, Bearcat, Uniden, Weather, Monitoring Times, AOR, Alinco, Austin, antenna, satellite, Palstar, Sony, Sangean, WiNRADiO, repair, trade-in, tradein, trade in, needs. sysid syskey system key double conversion TRIPLE CONVERSION NOAA weather alert with S.A.M.E. hamfests software key Law Enforcement Fire Departments EMS & Rescue ASTRO Uniden black Leather Case for scanners BC235 case BC245 case BC250D case BC296D case BC895 BC780 BC785D BC796D BC880 BC245xlt BC780xlt BC895xlt scanner case Message Trunking Transmission Trunking pro-95 case 3 vdc Wall Wart pro-96 case 4.5 vdc Wall Wart pro-93 case 6 vdc Wall Wart pro-92 case pro96 case pro96 soft case pro-96 case pro-96 soft case 9 vdc Wall Wart 12 vdc Wall Wart 13.8 vdc Wall Wart THE MOTOROLA BIBLE For all Cellular AND Pager Info MOTOROLA USERS AND PROGRAMMING GUIDES pro-2004 pro-2005 pro-2006 pro-96 hard case pro96 hard case icom r100 ITAC Mutual Aid frequencies (866.0125, 866.5125, 867.0125, 867.5125, 868.0125) PRO-99 PRO99 NiCad batteries 3 volt Wall Wart 4.5 volt Wall Wart 6 volt Wall Wart 9 volt Wall Wart 10 volt Wall Wart 12 volt Wall Wart 13.8 volt Wall Wart TrunkCom Motorola Hex codes AFS (Agency-Fleet-System) full coverage tunes dc to daylight MPT1327 trunking MPT-1327 Tetra digital PCS phones PCS Digital Phones Com-Net Ericsson ProVoice Motorola Keynote pager MilAir Ericsson trunked system Ericsson AEGIS Digital Motorola VSELP ASTRO (Vector Sum Excited Linear Prediction) Product line Motorola ASTRO IMBE (Improved Multi-Band Excitation) ASTRO Digital CAI (Common Air Interface) Option IFR 2975 Project 25 Service Monitor (Improved Multiband Excitation) IMBE Vocoder standard SmartWorks StartSite/StartSite Xpress AMSS (Automatic Multiple Site Search) PRO97 PRO-97 APCO-25 complient AEGIS digital talk groups EDACS narrowband systems EDACS wideband systems EDACS SCAT Private Calls decoder software Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Integrated Voice and Data (IVD) & Over-The-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) LTR (Logical Trunked Radio) LTR MultiNet Systems - EFJohnson's Multi-Net II system LTR decoder LCN assignment APCO 16 standard SMR type operations Tetra Digital Trunked Radio Standard EDACS Talkgroups Conversions EDACS Fleet mapping Associated Public-Safety Communications Officers (APCO) Secure Voice Inverted Voice Voice Inverter Telephone and Data Failsoft Trunking Failsafe Trunking MOTO Type I Systems Type II Systems Hybrid Systems Type IIi Systems Privacy Plus Smartnet Smartzone OmniLink simulcast Type II talkgroup IDs Uniden AFS Uniden Trunktracker format Motorola 3 digit Hex Motorola 6 digit decimal Type II Special Status Bits DES Encryption talkgroup Encrypted signals computer based training (CBT) courses trunked radio information database broadband wireless Web Finding Wi-Fi network hot spots Wi-Fi Transmitter Frequencies 802.11b Frequencies WI-FI Frequencies (wireless fidelity Frequencies) Finding Wi-Fi hot spots Bluetooth personal area network code-named Project Rainbow WiFi network hot spots 802.11b Wireless Frequencies Wi-Fi base station Frequencies or Wi-Fi base station transmitter Frequencies Wi-Fi access Frequencies Motorola IDs Motorola ID Codes Motorola System IDs Motorola System ID Codes Motorola Type I Motorola Type II M/A-Com/ComNet/Ericsson EDACS EFJ/Transcrypt MultiNet EFJ/Transcrypt LTR Public Safety Government Transportation PRO-98 PRO98 Business Personal US Nationwide Government Frequencies Miscellaneous decode decoder decoding DIGITAL SCANNERS PRO-100 PRO100 key loader to load the encryption key ASTRO radio with programming, RSS and cables Motorola Astro Saber Motorola XTS 3000 Astro Radio fcc id az489ft3790 handie-talkie fm radio Line Out data slicer output data slicer circuit data slicer plans discriminator output baseband audio output discriminator modification baseband audio modification AM detector AM signals discriminator tap FM baseband audio output scanner mods bill cheek's scanner modification books 2-Level FSK interfaces and 4-Level FSK interfaces onboard decoding rca connector rca plug rca jack db9 connector Radio's unique ID flickering on the 'SIMMS' display 'EMERGENCY' button Communications Building list of Talkgroups 1). INFO A 9). B.O.I. 2). DIST 1&2 10). COMMAND 3). DIST 3 11). S.O.D.D. 4). DIST 4&5 12). TACT A 5). INFO B 13). TACT B 6). DIST 6&8 14). UNASSIGN 7). DIST 7 15). UNASSIGN 8). DIST 9 16). UNASSIGN A.C.S.B. - amplitude compandered sideband (ACBS)- a modulation technique - sounds like Daffy Duck on most scanners APCO - 25 - a FDMA digital modulation technique coupled with trunking protocols - newest scanners can receive and track this (APCO25) EDACS - Ericcsons trunking format which uses normal analog FM audio can be received and decoded by all scanners - some scanners can follow the trunking protcol procedure method IDEN - proprietary digital modulation and trunking multiplexing TDMA networking built by Motorola and used by NEXTEL and Southern Linc - no scanners can decode nor track LTR ( Various Forms ) - FM modulation a specialized trunking protocol that does not require a dedicated fulltime control channel MARC - 5 MARC-V MARC5 MPT ( Various Forms ) - a trunking protocol used in UK and Europe SmarTrunk - Motorola trunking controller - a type of Motorola trunking system TETRA - European digital modulation and trunking protocol - TETRAPOL - similar to TETRA GSM - similar to TETRA C.D.M.A, F.D.M.A., T.D.M.A CDMA FDMA TDMA pinouts pin 8 dtr pin 5 gnd pin 6 dsr db9 serial port DB-9 RS-232C port db25 serial port Talk Groups Software Defined Radio SDR occasionally see odd numbered ID's here is a list of the bits that can be added to the main Talk Group: ID+0 = Normal Talkgroup ID+1 = ATG (All Talk Group, a Type II "fleetwide" mode) ID+2 = Emergency Talkgroup ID+3 = Crosspatched Talkgroup (to another Talkgroup) ID+4 = Emergency Crosspatch Talkgroup ID+5 = Emergency Multi-Select Talkgroup ID+6 = ? ID+7 = Multi-Select Talkgroup (dispatcher simulcast) ID+8 = DES Talkgroup (digital encryption) ID+9 = DES ATG (All Talk Group, a Type II "fleetwide" mode) ID+10 = Emergency DES Talkgroup ID+11 = Crosspatched DES Talkgroup ID+12 = DES Emergency Crosspatch ID+13 = DES Emergency Multi-Select ID+14 = ? ID+15 = Multi-Select DES Talkgroup Motorola Code Plugs VHF Trunking UHF Trunking Motorola Codeplugs PRO-2096 PRO2096 Aegis Kenwood, Uniden, Standard DQPSK modulation TDMA GSM Motorola Lab RSS - DOS RSS RIB card / RIB board - Radio Interface Box Motorola service manuals VISAR RSS software Motorola Radio Service Software (RSS) Motorola Spectra RVN4001N Motorola Astro Spectra RVN4184K Motorola Saber RVN4184K Motorola XTS3000 RVN4184K Motorola GTX RVN4150H Motorola MCX1000 RVN4011B Motorola GP300 HVN9128D Motorola GP350 HVN9128D Motorola CDM/HT/EX Series HVN9025N Motorola STX-800 Motorola MTX-2000 Motorola ASTRO XTS-3000 Windows CPS SmartRib flash code "Privacy Code" Cross Reference Motorola PL Number Lab RSS software coded squelch Motorola RSS software VSLEP 125 watts ERP 1000 Watts ERP License Issued applicant is a governmental entity radios are used to coordinate public safety activities police activities on trunked radio channels applicant is a state government statewide digital trunked radio system applicant is a city government radios will be used to coordinate personnel and activities Digital TRS Motorola Micor 900MHz TRS tracking 800MHz TRS tracking 400MHz TRS tracking 150MHz TRS tracking Hamcom 2-Level interface (HanComm) Trunktracking for Motorola trunked radio systems Trunktracking for EDACS trunked radio systems GE-Ericsson EDCAS System GE MARC V-E 16-Plus Motorola StanPac LTR Multi-Net ESAS VSELP = Vector Sum Excited Linear Prediction DES and DVP Cellular Tracking Software Treport Motorola Control Channel decoding utility Control Channel Tracking Control Channel Only Mode Treport Diagnostic program ComNet GE/Ericsson/MA-Com, & EF Johnson/Transcrypt Motorola RIB (Radio Interface Box) cable Motorola RIB cable Motorola Diagnostic program Motorola system key Trunking Encryption Motorola MTSX Lab software ARES (Advanced Railroad Electronics System) ATCS Monitor (Advanced Train Control Systems) Motorola Radio Programming ATCS FREQUENCIES MOTOROLA HT1250 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE Railroad data CTC monitor CTC display railfans Codeplug Motorola MaxTracs monitoring enthusiasts BCP (Base Communications Package) MCP (Mobile Communications Package) Motorola Centracom II Plus Software Motorola CENTRACOM Gold Series console Motorola Centracom Series 2 console Motorola ASTRO XTS 3000 digital portable radios Motorola ASTRO SPECTRA digital mobile radios Motorola Centracom Elite dispatch center Motorola CENTRACOM console Motorola Programming Code Plug ATCS ARES Genisys SCS-128 AAR- EOTS disconnect tone Local Emergency Numbering System (ENS) PL transmit inhibit End-of-Train Device Protocol (EOT) Cellular Trunking SCE 900MHz Trunked Sites Motorola Motracs VHF Trunking Frequencies UHF Trunking Frequencies FBI FREQUENCIES BATF FREQUENCIES CIA FREQUENCIES SS FREQUENCIES FIRE FREQUENCIES POLICE FREQUENCIES CELL FREQUENCIES Analog Calls Analog Cellular service digital cellular service reprogramming Cellular Frequencies computer programming Dynamic Regrouping Cellular Phone Trunking MultiGroup ASTRO Private Calls I-Calls I-Call tracking raw data dump Radio IDs Talk Group IDs System IDs System Radio IDs TalkGroup IDs Motorola System IDs PC Clear Ring FCC Database Search 1900MHz 1600MHz 1300MHz 800MHz 900MHz 400MHz 150MHz 700 MHz IIi Call Grants FCC Radio Grants Search FCC Database Cell Phone Trunking Voice Tools HamFax Motorola Motran RTTY SSTV (slow scan TV) DSP (digital signal processing) CW (Morse Code) ESN control cables programming cables sofware defined radio frequency upload frequency download frequency database same alert sound card decoding soundcard interface sound card interface soundcard decoding Soundblaster by Creative Labs Spectrum Analyzers PSK31 ZVEI Motorola Minitor DTMF agies pro voice system PC Recording Tools Multi Mode Packet Radio TNC (Terminal Network Connection) RTTY (AMTOR, PACTOR, PSK31) iDEN NEXTEL iDEN General Electric GEMarc Uniden ESAS leaky feeder cable Zetron Trident MicroSystem PassPort technology Central Interconnect Terminal Simplex Motorola Business Exchange Motorola Controlled SMR Motorola Entrepreneur SMR Roamer Fleet Subscriber Access Control (SAC) Secure Communications Specialized Mobile Radio CB, Business, Forest, Petroleum 25.0- 28.0 MHz Amateur Band (10 Meters) 28.0- 29.7 MHz VHF Low Band 29.7- 50.0 MHz Amateur Band (6 Meters) 50.0- 54.0 MHz FM Broadcast, VHF TV, Astronomy 54-108 MHz Aircraft Band 108-137 MHz Military Land Mobile 137-144 MHz Amateur Band (2 Meters) 144-148 MHz VHF High Band 148-174 MHz Amateur Band (1.2 M), UHF Air 174-406 MHz Federal Government 406-420 MHz Amateur Band (70 cm) 420-450 MHz UHF Standard Band 450-474 MHz UHF T Band 470-512 MHz 800 Band 806-956 MHz [Less cellular] Amateur Band (25 cm) 1240-1300 MHz Amateur Band (10 Meters) 29.0- 29.7 MHz VHF Low Band 29.7- 50.0 MHz Amateur Band (6 Meters) 50.0- 54.0 MHz Aircraft Band 108-137 MHz Military Land Mobile 137-144 MHz Amateur Band (2 Meters) 144-148 MHz VHF High Band 148-174 MHz Federal Government 406-420 MHz Amateur Band (70 cm) 420-450 MHz UHF Standard Band 450-470 MHz UHF T Band 470-512 MHz 800 Band 806-956 MHz [Less cellular] simulcast system 4 control channels LCN list cellular DDI interface cellular ESN Snarfer MDT 19.2k RD-LAP multi-site/networked system Digital Network IDs SMS MESSAGES RDS MESSAGES ERMES messages The Standard P-25 parameters are as follows: NID Network Identifier, contains the NAC and DUID SID-Source Identifier is for individual radio units NAC-Network Access Code TGID-Talk Group Identifier DUID- Data Unit Identifier CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) and also CDCSS (Continuous Digital Coded Squelch System). Listening to them listening to us! ESK EDACS security key Tunneling TypeI ID TypeII IDs Unit ID Validator Zone Controller IDA wireless 'two-way radios' Trunking Management Solutions Automatic Multiple Site Switching FCC call sign iMobile RD/LAP decoder program SmarTrunkII REJIS Motorola Connector BNC Connector F Connector RF Connector UHF Connector N Connector SMA Connector Antenna Connector BNC Coax Connector N Coax Connector Computer control Computer controlled scanner four level fsk interface two level fsk interface 4-level fsk interface 2-level fsk interface CTCSS DCS PL DPL 4-level Data Slicer Circuit 2-level Data Slicer Circuit apco ComStudy v2.2 ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) ATIS (Automatic Transponder Identification Service) cincinnati area Police Scanner Frequencies in maine police frequencies scanner scanner frequencies police police scanner frequencies northern california minnesota police scanner frequencies scanner frequencies santa rosa police scanner frequencies for police milwaukee wi police scanner frequencies destin florida wisconsin police scanner frequencies tennessee police scanner frequencies illinois police scanner frequencies POLICE SCANNER FREQUENCIES massachusetts police scanner frequencies bucks county police scanner frequencies enid oklahoma police scanner frequencies beaverton oregon police scanner frequencies pa police scanner frequencies florida police scanner frequencies cook county police scanner frequencies peoria police scanner frequencies PA police scanner frequencies police scanner frequencies australia indianapolis police scanner frequencies alabama police scanner frequencies scanner frequencies Police police scanner channel frequencies california police scanner frequencies missouri police scanner frequencies benton ky scanner police frequencies colorado police scanner frequencies brownsville tennessee police scanner frequencies lakeland police department scanner frequencies UW Police scanner frequencies alberta scanner frequencies police Massachusetts police scanner frequencies san jose police scanner frequencies in police scanner frequencies police scanner Frequencies Cayuga County Fire & Police Scanner Frequencies pennsylvania police scanner frequencies jacksonvilletexas police scanner frequencies texas police scanner frequencies texas police scanner frequencies and ten codes washington state scanner police frequencies waltham police scanner frequencies pa police scanner frequencies Pennsylvania police scanner frequencies washington san antonio police department scanner frequencies POLICE SCANNER Frequencies onondaga county police scanner frequencies police radio frequencies scanner scanner frequencies for mi state police in bay county wisconsin police scanner Frequencies melrose park police scanner frequencies police and fire scanner frequencies hammondin police scanner frequencies northeast ohio police scanner frequencies Washington police scanner frequencies ohio scanner frequencies police beaveron oregon police 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Product Information Cadillac Motor Car Division Cadillac Creating a Higher Standard Cadillac The Standard of the World Cadillac Restoration parts Cadillac wreath and crest Cadillac Commercial Chassis Conversions Cadillac convertibles Cadillac Brougham Sedan Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Sedan Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'elegance Sedan Cadillac Fleetwood Talisman Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan Cadillac Sixty Special Sedan Cadillac Allante Cadillac Allanté Cadillac Calais Cadillac Catera Cadillac CTS Cadillac Catera Sport Cadillac Cien Cadillac Concours Cadillac Deville Concours Cadillac DTS Cadillac DHS Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Cadillac Biarritz Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Cadillac ETC Cadillac Eldorado ETC Cadillac Escalade ETX Cadillac ETX Cadillac Evoq Luxury Roadster Concept Cadillac EVOQ Roadster Concept Cadillac Imaj Cadillac Vizon Cadillac two-seat XLR Roadster Cadillac XLR Roadster Cadillac Northstar v8 engine Cadillac Seville d’Elegance Cadillac Seville Elegante Cadillac STS Cadillac STSi Cadillac DTSi Cadillac Coupe de Ville convertible Cadillac Voyage Concept Cadillac Cyclone Cadillac Osceola Cadillac SRX Rendering Cadillac LeSalle Convertible Coupe Cadillac Type 57 Victoria Coupe Cadillac Victoria Coupe Cadillac Custom Phaeton Coupe Cadillac Phaeton Coupe Cadillac V16 Sport Phaeton Cadillac Sport Phaeton Cadillac Model 30 Cadillac Model A Runabout onboard diagnostic mode Enjoy your favorite recipes from: 7-Eleven A&W The Soup Nazi - Al Yeganeh's International Soup Kitchen Applebee's Auntie Anne's Ben & Jerry's Cadillac Jack's Cinnabons Burger King Carl's Jr's Ciao Y'All - Damian Mandola & Johnny Carrabba Dom DeLuise Einstein Bros. 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Cheese Applebee's The Cheesecake Factory Chili's Macaroni Grill Cracker Barrel TGI Friday's Hard Rock Cafe Ruby Tuesday's IHOP California Pizza Kitchen Rainforest Cafe Bennigan's Denny's Howard Johnson's Bertucci's Papa John's Pizza Planet Hollywood Imo's Pizza Police Radios Police Frequencies Secret Frequencies St. Louis Scanner Radio Frequencies Scanner Frequencies Fire Frequencies Fire Department Frequencies Police Department Frequencies Have a nice day! :)

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