Map of 2m North America Grids Worked by N0VSB

This is a map of 2m grids worked by N0VSB at my home location in Elizabeth, Colorado (Grid Locator: DM79rj). I have been active on 2m since 1998, but only recently actively chasing DX. The grids listed below have been worked via Tropo, Meteor Scatter, Aurora and Eskip.

Longest Terrestrial Distance: K4KAE (FM02at) 1,443 Miles, Random Meteor Scatter
Longest EME Distance: DL5MAE (JN58vf) 5,253 Miles, EME Sched.
Total Grids Worked: 177 / Total States Worked: 35
Note: Gridmaps are generated from VQLog.

Last Updated on Sunday, November 17, 2002
By B. Allen (N0VSB)
[email protected]

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