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My QSL Card....

What's up with the "0" call sign in Massachusetts you ask.....


Well, I became a TECH in 1993 in Colorado Springs, CO (the land of the 14,000 ft. repeaters), then my family and I moved to Washington, PA (which is "3" land).   Recently, My job took me back to my roots near Boston, MA for a 1 year contract with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA).

Even through all the upgrades, I never wanted to lose my original call sign.  My buddy, Mike (N0VLO) and I tested together and I don't want to forget who dragged me into this hobby we call "Ham Radio".

More important than the hobby itself is my faith; hence the Crucified Christ on my QSL card.  It reminds me and others that God's only son, Jesus Christ Was Born, then Died, and rose from the dead to open the gates of Heaven for all of us.  For more information on Christianity from a Catholic perspective, goto the EWTN web site where you will find experts who have already aswered many of the commonly asked questions.

God Bless,

Paul N0VLR

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