This Site is under Destruction.

I'm jumping ship. Why? My life has changed over the past
few years. Those of you that know me best ; already know
this. I have lost a couple of important people in my family
after they passed away, including my mother. These events
have made me rethink things. I'm now 34/YO. And things
that were important just a few years ago, are no longer.
Likewise, things that were relatively unimportant to me
just a few years ago, are now very important. This change
in priorities means something must 'GIVE'. Hint - my
website... My website required alot of my freetime.
Freetime I don't have ; freetime that I now need for
other things.

Ham Radio in St Louis has changed so much over the
years. My main interest before ; was packet radio. Using
TCP/IP (JNOS/TNOS) over Packet Radio (AX.25).

I considered TCP/IP over AX.25 to be an exciting
mode of operations. TCP/IP after all is the same
protocol used to transport information on the Internet.

The old packet radio network died at the mercy of the
internet. Now APRS is the dominate mode of operation
on packet radio. And its good, and I do participate. But
must admit it has limits. The internet unfortunately took
the interest of TCPIP over AX.25 away. And the network
fell apart. I still participate on APRS over AX.25, but
must admit packet radio saw its 'Hay-Day'. Those days
are gone. My interest in the internet has also disappeared.
I only do E-Mail on the internet now (other then catch up
on the News & Weather ; that I miss, because I don't get
to watch alot of TV).

I watch so little TV, I use TIVO to record the few programs
on TV that I like. Because I never seem to be home to
watch them. Plus, I am a very picky TV viewer. I will
not watch just-anything.... Reality-TV sucks. I call it
'Un-Reality TV'.

These days I have a SIRIUS Satellite Radio & shortwave
radios that I regularly use. I still listen to some of the HF
Ham Nets. And regularly check into the St Louis City
ARES & St Louis County SKYWARN/RACES Nets.

So, now you know. My website is in the process of
Self-Destruction. For those hams that want St Louis
info, there are good websites out there to choose from.

To those that know me, I am not dispappearing from
the earth. My contact info is the same, as always.
Just remember to remove this web address from your
web browser's FAVORITES or HOME PAGE.