Welcome to the HOUSE of RAIHALA
Keith Raihala N0VJ working some CW with Sami

This is our Delica 4X4  DXmobile
Note the home-built Screwdriver antenna
for HF 1.2 Mhz to 54Mhz
designed by my friend Dave N0ATH

Keith Raihala N0VJ / 7J7ACH ~ Cindy Raihala KB0OLU / 7J7ACI
You are visitor number since 12/14/97
Cindy and I have been involved in Amateur radio since 1992. Cindy came home from Church one day and said that we should get involved in Ham Radio just in case of emergency and for local communications. I was happy to hear the Code was taken out for the basic license so we both got our No-code Tech license.

After being in Japan for two years I really hit the code practice and got the 20 WPM code out of the way and with in three months advanced myself to be an Extra Class operator.

Cindy is working on her code and is planing on testing soon.

Some of the things we like to do are Fox Hunts and Mobile Dxing. Cindy has been seen hanging out of the window of the van, with the wind blowing her long brown hair, holding on to a Yagi beam "telling me where to go" as we zero in on the illusive hidden transmitter.

Iwill never miss a chance to hit the high country, set up an antenna and try some 2 Mtr sideband or HF DX.

There is so much Morse Academy playing in our home that our little 5 year old girl Samantha (Sami) is calling off the letters as the Dits come over the computer speakers.

Our little 20 month old boy Levi (Levi) can say Mama Dada and Beep Beep. It sure is a lot of fun in our home.

Stop back and visit us again the web page is always changing and as we go out and about Northern Japan our camera always goes with and the pictures will always be changing.

73s from: Keith N0VJ / 7J7ACH

Cindy KB0OLU / 7J7ACI

Sami Future operator

Levi Happy and getting a handle on life ;-)


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