Tips for Passing the Written Exam

   I conducted my first Novice License Class in 1971 and put together
   these hints to help my students pass an FCC or VE's written exam.

     CAUTION Some VE's require pre-registration.  Get in touch
             with them even if they don't!  This could save you a long
             trip if the session is cancelled for lack of response.
             If your also taking the CW test, ask when will it start
             (before, during or after the written exam).  The more you
             know the more relaxed you'll be.

     On the night before:

       fill the car with gas

       clear all formulas from your calculator

       put these in the car so you don't have to think about them:
          one picture ID or two other forms of ID.
          the original and a copy of you license (if you have one)
          the original and a copy of any CSCE's you may have
          (verify this list with the VE)
          a calculator, pencils and scratch paper should be provided

       go over questions your not sure of ONE last time,
       don't fry your brain, you'll need it in the morning.

       check the local weather forcast
         you may need extra travel time to allow for rain, fog or snow

       set your alarm, get a good nights sleep

     In the morning:

       Eat Breakfast, Relax!
       Wear comfortable clothing, Relax!
       Wear comfortable shoes, Relax!
       Arrive early, Relax!
       Get comfortable at the table or desk where your taking the test, Relax!
       If you can't get comfortable, then change something! Relax!
       and finally, you guessed it, Relax!

     When the multiple choice exam starts.

       Write down all the formulas you can remember

       Use a pencil to mark the answer sheet.

       Go through the test reading each question and all answers carefully.
         If an answer jumps out at you, mark it down, make sure your marking
         the correct space on the answer sheet.  I've seen people fail for
         not marking the answer sheet properly, questions numbered 51 - 100,
         answer sheet marked in 1 - 50. Answer sheets numbered across not down.

         Be Careful.

       At first skip the questions you don't know or are not sure of.

       These is no time limit, be cool(relax)!

       After you have the easy ones, go back and get some of the rest.
       On multiple guess tests two answers can almost always be eliminated.
       Then take your best quess from the remaining two answers.

       Then go back and answer the rest, points aren't deducted for wrong
       answers and you should have a 50 50 chance of guessing the right one.

       And now, the MOST IMPORTANT THING!
       change an answer unless you are 250% sure your new answer is correct.
       I've seen people fail by one question because they changed an answer.
                         DON'T DO IT!!

       If you are 250% sure and must change an answer, make sure you completely
       erase your old answer.

    Good Luck and I hope to work you on the air.

    73 de WAĜCLR op Bob qth St Cloud, MN

                                                        21 March, 1971

                    Currently NĜUF in Hutchinson, MN