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Pocket Side Swiper 'Cootie Key'

Model          MK-32
Produced       1995 -
Base size      2" X 2"
Finish         Red Plastic
Aquired        September 2ØØ1
Sold one to    Bob K6RML May 2ØØ2
Gave one to    Claude F5PBL May 2ØØ2
PS: I had Two of them!

How to adjust a Dyna Emploi (Side Swiper) by MANIFLEX (108K)
French version aquired from Neal, K5RW May 2ØØ2, Thanks Neal
Translated by Claude, F5BPL May 2ØØ2, Merci Claude
My LTA Llaves Telegraficas Artesanas GMM Side Swiper
For more infomation read Cootie Code by Jerry L. Bartachek KDěCA
More on a Side Swiper from Neal, K5RW