Electro Manufacturing Company
443 Stevenson Street - San Francisco, Calif
and PO Box 582 - Fresno, Calif

E.W. DEPEW - Sole Canadian Distributor - Box 444, Edmonton Alberta Electro Mfg Electro Mfg Electro Mfg
w/cord and wedge

Model          11
Production Run 1924 - 1934
Frame          T Handle
Base size      2.75" X 6.5"
     finish    Black
Damper         I
Ckt Closer     Yes
Aquired        December 2ØØØ
Sold           October 2ØØ2
Some collectors think Electro became SPEED-X, There isn't any proof of this.

From Lynn's e-mail: I was entering the data on your bug when I got to the "model". Hmmm, model 11. Wonder how he came up with that? Nobody has ever seen a model 11, and how the heck would he know? GOOD GRIEF, IT IS ON THE LABEL!!!!! As far as I know, this is the only one! Lynn