Tips for Passing the CW Exam

   I conducted my first Novice License Class in 1971 and put together
   these hints to help my students pass an FCC and later a VE's written exam.

     CAUTION Some VE's require pre-registration.  Get in touch
             with them even if they don't!  This could save you a long
             trip if the session is cancelled for lack of response.
             Ask when CW test will start (before, during or after the
             written exam). The more you know the more relaxed you'll be.

     On the night before:

       fill the car with gas

       put these in the car so you don't have to think about them:
          one picture ID or two other forms of ID.
          the original and a copy of you license (if you have one)
          the original and a copy of any CSCE's you may have
          (verify this list with the VE)

       copy ONE more practice test, don't fry your brain,
       you'll need it in the morning.

       check the local weather forcast
         you may need extra travel time to allow for rain, fog or snow

       set your alarm, get a good nights sleep

     In the morning:

       Eat Breakfast, Relax!
       Wear comfortable clothing, Relax!
       Wear comfortable shoes, Relax!
       Arrive early, Relax!
       Get comfortable at the table or desk where your taking the test, Relax!
       If you can't get comfortable, then change something! Relax!
       and finally, you guessed it, Relax!

     The CW Exam

       The CW exam will be from a qso.  An exam contains 125 characters.
       Thats right, only 125 characters, five letters per word, five
       words per minute for five minutes.  From these the VE must come
       up with ten(10) questions.  It's rumored some VE send for longer
       than five minutes to have enough data to generate ten questions
  19   F5DQZ de WD7LEV bt
  34   My name is Herman and I am 48 years old.
  28   I have been a ham since 1973.
  34   I operate 1Ø meter CW most of the time.
  38   I use a Yeasu Ft847 and run 100 watts.
  32   My antenna is a dipole at 36 feet. K
       As you can see Numbers are very important. Most of the questions
       will have numbers in them.  Called Station, Calling Station, age,
       been a ham since, favorite band, rig, power, antenna height.

        If all you copy is the numbers: 5 7 48 1973 10 847 100 36
        You have a good shot a 6 correct answers, you only need to guess
        one more to pass.

           When did this operator get his license?
              A 1963
              B 1972
              C 1973
              D 1982

           How much power is he running?
              A 1W
              B 1ØW
              C 1ØØW
              D 1ØØØW
             1Ø or 1ØØ, you don't know, skip for now and go on

           His favorite Band is?
              A 1ØM
              B 36M
              C 48M
              D 1ØØM
           You have to know that 10Meters is the only legal band for US Hams
           but, now you know the answer for the other question

       A technique I suggest using is marking the blanks.  Put an underline for
       every character missed.  You can also pass the CW test by coping 25
       consecutive characters. You have all the time you need, within reason,
       after the CW is sent to correct your copy and answer the questions.

       If this is your copy for line two:
            M_ na_e i_ He_m_n a_d I a_ 48 _ear_ o_d.
       Of the 34 characters in the line you missed 1Ø.
       One of the questions will likley be "What is the operators name?".

            M_ na_e i_ He_m_n a_d I a_ 48 _ear_ o_d.
                       Herman and I am 48 years old.
       By filling in 7 letters you have copied 26 in a row and passed.
       Remember numbers and puncutation count as two letters.

    Good Luck and I hope to work you on the air.

    73 de WAØCLR op Bob qth St Cloud, MN

                                                        21 March, 1971
                      currently NØUF in Hutchinson, MN