I was first licensed in February 1962 as WNØCLR, a Novice. My elmer was Bob Packer, WØVHE(SK). The license was good for one year and non-renewable. In November of 1962 I upgraded to a Technician and my call changed to WAØCLR. In 1965 I upgraded, for what I thought would be the last time, to a General, a General Class License had ALL Amateur Privileges at the time. I upgraded to an Advanced Class in 1977 and finally to Extra in 1993. In April 2ØØØ I applied for the vanity call ACØL. In April 2ØØ2 I applied for the vanity call NØUF.

I lived in Central Minnesota until 1985, then moved to New Jersey for three years. Then back to the Minneapolis area for two years. I moved to Gladstone, Missouri in 1991. Then I went to work for the Hutchinson Telephone Company in Minnesota in July of 2005.

WNØCLR 1962 - 1962
WAØCLR1962 - 2ØØØ 1977 1977 1978 198Ø 1994 1998 1999
QSL Cards 1963 1977 1991 1993 1993 1994 1995 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
The Shack 1964
Navy Mars
August 1965
VE4/WAØCLR July 1971
VE3/WAØCLR July 1971
GMØ/WAØCLR December 1995
GØ/WAØCLR December 1995
GWØ/WAØCLR December 1995
WØTE Trustee
1997 - Present 1998
QSL Card 1997 2ØØ3
QSL Cards 2ØØØ 2ØØ1
V31TD October 2ØØØ 2ØØØ 2ØØØ
NUF 2ØØ2 - Present 2ØØ2 2ØØ2 2ØØ2 2ØØ3 2ØØ3
QSL Cards 2ØØ2 2ØØ2
WØAR & WØNA 13/14 Jul 2ØØ2 2ØØ2
QSL manager QSL Card 2ØØ2
WØSOC Trustee
2ØØ2 - Present 2ØØ2

In 1971 I operated 8Ø-1ØM Mobile on a road trip from St Cloud, MN to Winnipeg to Kenora to International Falls and Home.

In 1995 I held a license for Great Britain. I did a very limited operation as I was going to power my handheld with the cigarette lighter, but the rental car didn't have one! I was on the Edinburgh Repeater twice as GMØ/WAØCLR in December, (the licence was also valid for England, & Wales but I never operated from these countries).

In 2ØØØ I was in Belize as V31TD before the CQWW SSB Contest. I logged over 1ØØØ QSOs during the week. What a blast! We used V31GE to log over 53ØØ Q's for the contest, contest qsl's via AKØA.

Coax Operating Awards:

39Ø5 Century Club
16 Meter Award # 138
39Ø5 Century Club
75 Meter Award #1946
39Ø5 Century Club
4 Meter Award #1654
Friendship Award
Hiram Percy Maxim
125th Anniversary Award
Canadian 2/8 AwardCanadian Islands Award Diplome de la Zone 2Maple Leaf Award
DXCCMixed - 25ØPhone - 2ØØCW - 1ØØ
IOTA2ØØNorth America
US Islands - 1ØØUSA - Counties AwardWorked 1ØØ Nations
Worked All StatesPhone - CW - 5 Band75 Meters Extra Class Call
Worked All ContinentsMixed - Phone - CWWorked Central America
Worked All Zones5B 163/2ØØWorked South America
WPXMixed 7ØØWorked North America

73, Bob NØUF & WØSOC