Tank Tank

Armored Force Amateur Radio

National Emergency Team

Dedicated to the Veterns of WW I/II, Korea,
Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and the Cold-War forces
and those who waited for us...

We Will Always Remember

A Brief History of AFAR NET

The Armored Force Amateur Radio Net is the largest veteran's organization associated with amateur radio. Organized in 1981 by Harry Thomsen W2PJH, with an ad in the 6th Armored Division Association Magazine,"Super Six", he was able to recruit a dozen or so members. within a few years AFAR expanded its ranks to include anyone who served in Patton's 3rd Army and later in any armored units in WW I/II and Korea. AFAR later expanded its rank to include all members of the armed forces who are hams. Today AFAR has members from all four services, Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, along with a veteran of a Canadian armored unit from WW I/II and a French armored unit. The membership list currently exceeds 400 and includes veterans from WW I/II, Korea, the cold war, Vietnam and Desert Storm.

Members of AFAR share a variety of interest and some of these are subject of conversation during the nets. Some of the members served in the same units and have kept in touch over the years, passing information about friends and spouses. And ham radio has made new friends. Most of all however, we use the nets to keep in touch with those who have shared a difficult experience during a very important time of our life and that of the history of our county.

For information send a #10 size SASE to:
John Paskevicz     ARS: KA9NLX
AFAR Net Information
1423 North Ridge Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60006