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Who is Elmer and why does he have a Web Page? In this sense, Elmer is not a who, but a what. An Elmer in the Amateur Radio community is someone who helps you get started in Amateur Radio and after you get started, he is the one who always seems to have all the answers to you Amateur Radio Questions. An Elmer is anyone willing to help you learn about Amateur Radio. Practically every Ham will, in some way or another, be your Elmer. In this day of computers and self study guides, the Elmer in todays world is a lot less involved. This site is designed to help those who have questions about Amateur Radio to have a place to find the answers. This page is not going to have all the answers, but it may provide you with enough information to do it yourself, or help you locate someone in the area who can help you. Welcome to the Elmer Page!


KGØXJ helps Omaha area Boy Scouts during the 1997 Jamboree-On-The-Air

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