From: "Chuck Carpenter" 
Subject: R-M Xtal Sockets
Date: Sunday, September 01, 2002 8:23 AM


Here's something that others may find useful.

[Picture attached.]

I cut some pins from an Augat type DIP socket with machined pins and solder
them into the holes for the crystals.

Note that this may cause a clearance problem if the enclosure isn't tall

This allows you to plug in different crystals.  I have a pair of 7122s that
I'd like to try. You can also readily experiment with inductors and other
parts in series with the crystal as Dave suggests in his instructions.  For
instance, if you used these pins for the inductors and capacitors in the
filter circuit, changing values for 30 meters wouldn't be too difficult.

Other uses might include changing part values like resistors and caps to
make modifications and other suggested revisions.  You are limited to the
diameter of wire the socket pins will accept. 

Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ, Point, Rains Co., TX