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Welcome to my first attempt at creating a home page. I hope you enjoy your visit here to Southeastern Kansas via Cyberspace. I have many interests, all the way from Ham radio to Model Railroading. I enjoy Ruth Baseball and helping out with my son's 13-15 year old team. Most summer evenings find me down at the old Ball Diamonds. In the fall and Winter I spend a lot of time listening toMax Falkenstien , Bob Davis Broadcastingmy beloved Jayhawks. I love to go to Lawrence to watch the Hawks play Football. Of course Iím a fan of their Basketball team . Isnít everyone? Itís a little hard to get tickets for Hoops. Maybe someday.

My Amatuer Radio interests are Chasing Dx on the Hf Bands and 2 meter SSB.I also Really enjoy working the Birds. Presently I am working on RS-13 If you need EM-27 confirmed. Look me up. I would love to work you. Hey if I can work the Birds anyone can.. I have a very modest station that consist of aKenwoodTS930S HF rig and a Kenwood TR9130 VHF rig. My Antennaís are a Hy GainTH-3 for HF and a 10 element VHF beam. The Beams are at 40 and 46 feetand I use an old Alliance TR3 rotor. Very modest station but VERY effective.I presently hold an Advanced class license and have no plans to upgrade.

RS-13†††††††††† Uplink†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Downlink

Mode A†††† 145.960-146.000Mhz††††††††††††† 29.460-29.500Mhz†††

Mode K†††††† 21.210-21.250Mhz†††††††††††††††††† 29.410-29.450Mhz

Hope to Hear you there! I usually work Mode A.

††† Mymodel railroading interests include Contest modeling in HO Scale and I am building my home layout in N-Scale.I model the Frisco and Missouri Kansas Texas Railroads. (Or atleast I try to.) Presently I am concentrating on the mid 1970ís era. I am purchasing as much Green and Yellow MKT stuff as I can get my hands on. I will devote more to model railroading tomy other homepage which as of yet is not on line. When I getit online Iíll have a link to it from here.

Links to some of my Favorite places on the Net

Amateur Radio

Personal Favorites

Other Hobbies

††††††††††† Frisco Modelers Information Group ††The place to get info. on The Greatest Railroad.

†††††††††††† Railroad Yesterdays††An Excellent site to buy Railroad memorabilia .


††††††††††† eBay†††Online Auction Service. A Great place to buy and sell.


†††††††††† The University of Kansas Athletics Homepage Do the words ROCK CHALK mean anything to you?


†††††††††† Lawrence Journal WorldThe place to get my daily fix on the Hawks!







Ham Buddies

What a wonderful Hobby we have and what better way to enjoy it by having friends and relatives to share it with.Here is a list of mine. Give a listen for these Guys and Gals.

KB0QMFMike is an Active VHF'er and 17 Meter man. He also enjoys 30 meter CW. My best Ham Buddy. Check out his homepage. Mike has a real nice page.

KB0QPB Bob is active on the Novice Bands. He really enjoys working CW.

N0RRY Bill is the President of our Local Club and an active VHF'er.

N0LIE George is probably the most active VHF'er in Southeastern Kansas . Most of what I know about working 2 Meter DX I've learned from him. No Lie thats really his call sign.

KB0PCE Barry is our local Computer Wiz. Enjoys the Internet and Ragchewing on 2.

KB0OOL The XYL, is active on 2SSB.

N0HHP My Mom, she enjoys Ragchewing with her sister on the local repeater.

KE0HC My Dad, he enjoys ragchewing with his buddies on 75 and 20 Meters. He is also a lot of fun at Hamfests

N5LJL Bob is a very active VHF'er in the Tulsa Area. He is one of my Mentors.

Here's My Qsl for visiting my site.

Thanks for stopping by. If you are ever in the Parsons, Ks. area. Give me a call on our local repeater. 146.685 (-). If I donít answer some of the other locals can get me. I'd love to hear from you. I also monitor 144.200 SSB and 146.42 Simplex. I can also be found quite often on 20 meters. This page is currently under construction so please stop back by from time to time. 73 de N0QXC.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

[email protected]

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