This is my first page of links to other web sites. This includes web pages of some of the programs I use as well as a few
Amateur Radio stores. More will be added to it in time.

 N0LXW - Lakes Area Network Home Page  - This is my counter parts home page. He lives in Forest Lake, Mn.
 N0VYZ Home Page  -  This is another friend of mine and his home page.
 AA0UP Home Page  -  Yet another friend's home page
 Magic Repeater Home Page  - This page has lots of links and some good information.
 N0QHM - Luzar Enterprises  - This page belongs to another friend.

Amateur Radio Companies

 Alinco U.S.A.    Kantronics    ADI / Pryme Radio

Amateur Radio Stores

 Radio City   Burghardt Amateur Center     Ham Radio Outlet

Programs I Use

 N3FJP Home Page - This has a really nice program for Field Day and another for the November Sweepstakes. (You must
                                   be running Windows 95/98 in order to use it.)