Waterton Amateur Radio Society

at Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Agenda: Oct 6, 2010

1. Club Member News.
2. EOSS news: Jim Beall.
3. ARES / NTS news: Pete Hills/Lanny Ellis.
4. Contest Calendar / Special Events / Hamfests: Ken Anderson.
-Colorado QSO Party recap (lessons learned?)
-QSLing options (LOTW, eQSL.cc)
5. Monthly Satellite Highlight: Scott Allen.
6. Articles of General Interest.
7. Facilities Update.
        -Old A/C unit removed
        -Roofing status.
8. Tower update.
        -Tower trip  what did we have?
-Review plan for Lockheed.
9. Club logo and QSL card (contest).
10. WARS Website and Reflector Update: Stuart Liss.
11. Treasury Update  Andy Speicher.
12. Review of past meeting minutes.
Future meeting topics:
-Bob St. Marie: operating ham radio from his commercial aircraft
-Lanny Ellis: live antenna projects
-Scott Allen: UHF antennas used on Mars missions.
Yellowstone National Park wireless thermal monitoring.
-Ray Treadaway: APRS