Waterton Amateur Radio Society

at Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Agenda: January 6, 2010

1. EOSS news
2. ARES news
3. NTS News
4. Contest news / calendar  / Special Events
5. Hamfests
6. Update and demo of  the club station set up and operation instructions
7. Officer elections: President, VIce President, Treasurer, Secretary
8. Field Day initial plans
8. Effort to document and establish communication with LM amateur radio clubs
9. Amateur radio advocacy bill passes Senate, moves to House
10. Hams help out with sea rescue: Maritime Mobile Service Net
12. China launches its first amateur radio satellite: HO-68
12. Plasma TV and RFI
10. New radio status - Ken
11. Wireless experiment for club internet
13. Treasurers report
14. WARS website update
15. New business