Waterton Amateur Radio Society

at Lockheed Martin Space Systems


From Noon, Saturday June 25, 2016 through Noon Sunday, the Waterton Amateur Radio Club will participate in Field Day: A display of emergency operating capabilities and contesting skills.

This is a sanctioned event of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and highlights what hams do best: provide communications when traditional methods are down. This has been shown over and over again through countless natural disastors and under overwhelmingly adverse conditions. In today’s post 9/11 era of increased threats, reliable communications in support of Homeland Security becomes critical.

During Field Day, held each year the last weekend in June, the club quickly sets up multiple transmitting sites on generator, battery or solar power. Combined with this is a contesting atmosphere where the hams will attempt to make as many contacts as possible in the 24 hour period (usually in the thousands).

Many exciting modes will be demonstrated, including:

-Voice contact attempt with the International Space Station and hams through orbiting satellites

-Voice contact with hams throughout the world

-Morse code

-Digital communications

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