P.E.R.C. is a club that several Columbia HAM radio operators established to help our local EOC in times of emergency. We are dedicated to mostly the technical end of amateur radio. We enjoy building and operating amateur repeaters, packet radio system, ATV, HF and almost anything to do with amateur radio. There are currently no club dues and only a hand full of members. We are working on ARRL accreditation. At this time we have no set meetings. We communicate on projects by Email and get together when ever the need or desire arrives. We are currently experimenting with the construction of KISS mode TNC's from plans from the ARRL. There are numerous other projects in the works. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. We currently obtain our funds by providing free testing of amateur radio equipment at hamfests. For providing this service we ask for a small donation of any kind. We also sell small amounts of radio equipment donated by various organizations.



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