The N0LBA BBS is operated on the frequencies of 145.010 and 441.050. The 2 meter port is 1200 baud and the UHF port is 9600 baud. It utilizes two computers, the first one is a Compaq 486 DX2 66. This computer runs Xrouter which is an advanced packet router software written by Paula G8PZT. The BBS itself runs on a Pentium 166 machine and runs PZTBBS software also written by Paula G8PZT. The BBS is linked to the router by a high speed serial link running KISS protocol. The router computer has four serial ports. The 145.010 port is a Kantronics KAM TNC running in KISS mode attached to an Alinco data radio and a Mirage 80 watt amplifier. The 441.050 port is PACCOMM TNC with a 9600 baud modem operating in KISS mode attached to a Motorola Mitrek radio that has been modified to run data rates of 9600 baud. This radio operates at 40 Watts. Both radios are then combined and ran to a Diamond X500ma antenna via 7/8 inch hardline. Both the BBS and the router have 10 Base T ports and tie into my personal LAN. This allows remote sysop operations and a full time Internet link. At this time the Internet link is not utilized. I hope to operate a wormhole via the router in the future.

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