VHF & Above

Northern Lights Radio Society
A great group of VHF'ers.
The World above 1000 MHz
Loads of VHF and Above info.
Down East Microwave
If you like to homebrew or build, this is the place for you.
Grid Map of the United States
GIF file of the grid map of USA.

Miscellaneous Ham Links

ARRL homepage, a great source for amateur radio information..
3905 Century Club
A group dedicated to WAS awards and nets....
Amateur Radio Software Mega Link
Lots of great software for amateur radio and links to software
QRZ Callsign data base
Call sign data base with lots of info.
Buckmaster's World Wide HamCall Server
You can find almost any call sign here.
FCC Homepage
Official FCC information Homepage.
FCC equipment ID page
Usually there is a FCC ID number on the device.  If you take that ID number to the following url, you will be able to find out a whole bunch more about that device.