Cary Amateur Radio Club

Cary Midsummer Swapfest is July 15, 2017

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 25, 2017, 7:31 P.M.(Details)

Latest Feedline - February, 2017 (pdf)

Club Information

The Cary Amateur Radio Club meets the fourth Thursday of the month at approximately 7:31 p.m. White Plains United Methodist Church, 313 SE Maynard Rd., Cary, NC (directions). Our November and December meetings are combined at the end of November or the beginning of December for a family Holiday gathering. The target date is the Thursday after Thanksgiving, but subject to change due to availability of a meeting location.

Anyone interested in amateur radio is invited to join us. Our $10 annual dues are due each year in March.

Mailing Address:
  Cary Amateur Radio Club

  P.O. Box 53
  Cary, NC  27512

Club Email address: N4NC at domain:

The CARC Newsletter, Feedline

Next Meeting

Thursday, May 25, 2017, White Plains United Methodist Church, Cary, NC.
Program: I will have enough time to complete the vertical antenna I project I spoke of earlier. Dennis Had, W4USR do a presentation of a vertical antenna project he has been working on with a video and help on the design from Fred, NC4FB a nd Charlie WA3UTC, Marvin, K4USR and Jim Williams,W4VCF. The antenna will be resonate on the 20 and 40 meter band. The antenna will stand at 18 foot tall. A full quarter wave on 20 and a top loaded 40 meter radiator. The coil at the 17 ft point acts as a heigh impedance source on 20 and a loading coil with a capacitive hat made of 8 ga wire on 40.


* The famous Swapfest the third Saturday in July    * Providing communications for the annual Cary Band Day Parade in November    * Member involvement in ARES and Skywarn    * A family holiday dinner in late November or early December (Weather Permitting)

Club Officials

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Elected Officers

Officer Duties

* President: Larry Schroeder, KD4HSL
        address: kd4hsl domain:
*Vice-President: Jim Williams, W4VCF
*Secretary: Don Hurlbert, KW4DON
*Treasurer: Herb Lacey, W3HL


* N4NC Station Trustee: Will Harper, K4IWW
        address: k4iww domain:
* Listserv Moderator/Administrator: Will Harper, K4IWW
        address: k4iww domain:
* Web site Caretaker: Susan Jones, WA4AKB
        address: wa4akb domain:

Other Club Information

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* The FeedlineThe CARC Newsletter
* Archive Editions of The Feedline, CARC's Online Newsletter (1995-2004)
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