Marquette Repeater Association
Marquette Repeater Association Meeting Minutes

Marquette Repeater Association - Spring Meeting - May 29th, 2013

The meeting was called to order by the President Andy, KB8PPE at 7:38 PM.
In attendance:
Andy - KB8PPE
Mike - KE8IL
Gary - WD8ALT
Mike - KC8QWO
Paul - KB0P
Allan - W8FYZ
Judy - KD8ITK
Jack - N8JRN

Secretary's Report

The Secretary's Report was given by Al, W8FYZ and the Minutes of the last
meeting were read - Motion to Accept: Jack - N8JRN, Second: Mike - KE8IL,
Motion Passed.


*Treasurer's Report

Mike, KE8IL gave the Treasurer's Report:

Approximately 43 Paid Members as of this meeting. Family members included.

*Mike reported a Bank discrepancy from Wells-Fargo. When reviewing our
statement for the checking, he found a $7,500.00 plus deposit into our
Checking from some German Bank. Also found was a $15.00 transfer fee.

Mike immediately contacted Wells-Fargo to alert them to this and the amount
was withdrawn and our fee returned. No explanation given.

Motion to Accept: Al - W8FYZ, Second: Jack - N8JRN, Motion Passed.


Old Business

~         Al - W8FYZ gave an update on the MRA 440 repeater. He hopes to get
it up the hill early this Summer and at that time would measure for the
jumper for the second 440 antenna and mount the new antenna.

~         Mike, KE8IL stated the Verizon site Lease will expire in August
and he will make contact with them for sending in the lease papers and

New Business

~         Al mentioned that attendance was important at the UPARRA meeting
at the Esky Hamfest in August as they are the decision making body for
Repeater rules in the U.P.

~         Al, W8FYZ mentioned the upcoming Newberry Swap Shop on June 8th.

~         Mike, KE8IL requested Al look into intermittent noise on the 97
Repeater when he was up the Tower. Al noted the noise earlier this Spring
and believes it to be mechanical in nature as it is most prevalent during

~         Mike, KE8IL gave an update on Echolink. He has permanently left
Echolink on the 97 but removed all conferences and left only his node on
it. With the exception of the UP Echolink Net on Sunday evenings, there is
no general conferences or nets on it but any Echolink User can access the 97
individually. There has been little to no traffic on the 97 from this. All
indications are that use of Echolink has decreased in general on the Ham

~         Paul, KB0P informed the group that the 7.27 HARA Repeater now has
both IRLP and Echolink on it through Paul's Hub. Very little activity noted.

~         Allan, W8FYZ informed the group that Manistique has 5 new Hams
and 4 of those recently upgraded to General at DCARS testing this spring.

Mike - KE8IL made a motion to Adjourn, Mike - KC8QWO Seconded, Motion
passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:37PM.

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